September 21st, 2005


Back in Waco!

Ok.. when we left off, I was not having much fun with the con at all, and spent the last hours of Sunday at karaoke with Makoto, Ringo, N-kun, and some dude that seemed pretty cool& was our Ishida in the Bleach group :D
I had a great time at Karaoke, even though I had this horrible habit of picking songs I really liked but didn't know the words to. I think trying to remember lyrics and follow along with the hiragana was messing me up, too. I was so absorbed in trying to get the lyrics right, I was trying to sightread them instead of singing the parts I remembered :P I'm a very nervous person at karaoke if I haven't had a few drinks in me.
Unfortunately, Gackt's "Feel the Fire" will stay with me for a long, long time :(

On Monday, I got to see Denver. Or at least the parts Makoto& Ringo frequent. I had a great time just running out& about, shopping, and eating weird things. I can see why boba is so addicting now.
Anyway... like I suspected, I had a lot more fun hanging out with Makoto& Ringo after the con than I had attending the con :P

I don't have much else to say other than I got home ok, I didn't end up a flaming ball of flesh on the end of a runway or in a highway ditch..oh! And CNN& the weather channel are going nuts over this new hurricane! I don't think it's going to be as bad as they think. They're projecting landfall late friday/early saturday now, and think it's going to crawl all the way up to Oklahoma.. and I'm like... WTF
Hurricane isn't going to hit Waco or Dallas... fucktards. Even if it does go pretty far inland, it's not going to stay a hurricane right through the middle of town. I've never seen a hurricane hit Texas and go inland over the entire state. I think part of it is the fact that people are still freaked out about Katrina. Don't get me wrong, though. I think it will be pretty destructive, and Galveston's probably going to be hit pretty hard. I just don't think it's going to take the vacation through the middle of the state that the news channels are predicting.
Best part was listening to the weather from the hotel room in Denver, and the weather guy says, "We've all seen how destructive these hurricanes can be, so let's hope it continues on south, down into Mexico."
HAHAHAHAH. "We don't want it here. Go fuck up Mexico." Very professional!

Grrr....I shall rub your nose in your angst, Senpu!

When I got home early this morning, I noticed somthing in the house smelled kind of funky. There was a strange smell that reminded me vaugely of chemicals and cat urine. I couldn't help but think "does my house really smell that bad??"

Because, you know.. you can't really smell what your house smells like unless you've been away from it for at least a weekend, so you're not so accustomed to it's smell anymore.
Akuma said he didn't smell anything weird.. so I became a little bit depressed that my house really smelled that bad all the time. I want my house to smell nice! Not like cosplay and cat pee >:(

Still, it's been bugging me all day. When I started cleaning up my cosplay area, though, I found the problem. While we were away, Senpu was angsting and peeing all over the scrap pile on the floor by my sewing machine. I'd thrown most of it away, but there was still a small pile of balled up thread, some leftover tulle from Monkey Queen's petticoat, and some scraps from Mayuri and Norn. Senpu peed alllll over it. >:( Well, at least it was trash anyway. I tossed all the scraps (though I otherwise probably would have salvaged the tulle....)and cleaned the floor with some lysol. It stinks BAD, though.. so now I have to hunt for other places Senpu may have leaked some angst. I needed to clean off the kitchen table anyway.. and cosplay has absorbed the back end of the house again.. but still..
Keep your angst in the litter box, cat. >:( At least I know where MY angst belongs.
It belongs in Livejournal :X
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