September 2nd, 2005


Look at the time!

I am so freakin' tired.

Norn is done... pretty much. Need to attach ears to wig at con, and I never put a closure on the cape, but I can safety pin that. Both are very very tiny things that take a little time to do.. so I am saving them for the con.

Commission is done... but i'm only 75% happy with it. Zipper was hellish. Not sure the whole thing fits. Last minute petticoat is total ghetto in all it's glory.

Didn't do anything else for Klein.. and didn't do anything else for Shiina repairs. (Still needed straps& elastic on the bootcovers, and I HATE the way the sleeves sit)

Instead, there was a LOT more to do on Ray's Xelos costume than I thought. So, I rushed to finish Norn& the EGL outfit, and helped him a little bit. I made him do most of it himself, though, because I just didn't have time. And I'm really tired. I've been dead tired since 10pm.

I think I have everything packed, though. There's a large pile of fragile stuff that'll have to get carried by hand. BAH.
Bringing Shiina, Tsunade, Norn, my EGL, and Gogo. No room for anything else D:
I also changed out most the CDs in my car. Almost all the J-rock CDs are back in the house, since I started becoming nervous when I realized how much they would all cost to get replaced. Now there are only a handful of Japanese disks in there. I couldn't find the cases for the others, so I left them in the CD wallet for now.

Need to print out directions to the hotel tomorrow... get some cash from the ATM, write my hotel confirmation number on the direction sheet, pack the car, buy ice, and get to Dallas. I need to sleep. I am so tired. There's still so much to do, but I dont' think anymore will get done. Need to shower in the mornig since I'm too tired to do it tonight.


Jan, if you are checking your journal, I need to track you down at the con. I have somthing fun for you <3
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Leaving for the con soon

Cleaning myself and packing up the car. Oh boy D: I managed to fit a LOT into my suitcases, but there's still more to carry than I would like. At least with all the food and one of the costumes, I'll be coming home a little lighter!
Missing my contact lens case& my badtz maru lanyard :(
Gotta remember to bring absolutely everything D:
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