August 24th, 2005



Copied/pasted from nekoboy, because I was just that excited:

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Holy crap!!! There's some great stuff on there! (Let's ignore the biggest reason I am excited: A-ha's "Take on Me" :X but aside from that, it's STILL a seriously kick ass list)
Oh yeah.. and I checked the Gamefaqs bbs to see what people were saying... it looks like nekoboy got the list from there. The songs are accurate, but i think the artists on some of them are speculation until game release.
Beleive it or not, I'm kind of hoping that the "Crazy" song up top is neither Aerosmith nor Willie Nelson, but Patsy Cline :P This is also coming from the person that was dissappointed when she found out "I Hate (every thing about you)" wasn't the Ugly Kid Joe song :(