August 9th, 2005



I sliced my finger open making dinner tonight. It's my right index finger, so it's reallyu screwing up my typing.
I was thinking about going to the hospital, but after I saw that I could keep it from gushing everywhere with a little direct pressure, I decided to use an old family secret to greivous wounds.. and superglued the surface of the skin to keep it shut. It's doing very well now.. but I still don't want to clack away on the keyboard too much. If this cut were anywhere else, I would expect it to leave a nasty scar. Fingers seem pretty durable, though, so I expect it to bounce back.

On the other hand.. this shitake-tofu miso I just made is very tasty D:
I would invite Puu or Malophyte over to tru some, but it's 11:21 PM :( They are both normal people now that probably keep normal hours, and wouldn't want wounded miso at almost midnight.
Still.. if either of you are up, and reading this, and want some.. call me D:

Oh yeah.. I was thinking about smearing my finger all over the inside of my Norn costume. I always manage to injure myself while making a costume... and every garment I make has a little bit of blood on it. I don't think I've bled on Norn yet, so I was thinking about it.. superstition, you know?
But I found a strange streak on one of the skirts that could have been a pinning-wound, so I figured my index finger was gushing far too much blood for it to be discreet, and left it at that.
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