July 26th, 2005


Makai Kingdom comes out tomorrow!!!!

For those of you who don't know about it, it's the new Nippon Ichi strat/tactic RPG.
Others they have made have been: Rhapsody, La Pucelle:Tactics, Disgaea, Phantom Brave.

I already have my preorder mini artbook thing (good for cosplay references, but I don't see any characters I'd want to cosplay here..), and I bought the strat guide last week. I'm really excited about this game, so I'm going to try to get a lot of sewing done tonight so I can spend all of tomorrow playing XD

Last night, I made Norn's underskirt while watching Logan's Run. It was on Turner Classic Movies, and I'd never seen it before. Now I understand the reference made in Robot Chicken about the expired milk :O
Anyway.. that movie had some super cheesey-fabulous costumes XD I tried watching Soylent Green a few weeks ago, but I really couldn't get through it. I think it was because of Charlton Heston. I don't know. In any case.. if you know what Soylent Green is made out of, (and I think just about everyone does) it kind of ruins the shock of the movie, and makes it pointless to watch it anyway. I love TCM, though. I caught an airing of My Fair Lady last week <3 Often, they run blocks of classics with a particular actor in them, and I think it's really cool. One time, when I couldn't sleep, I was watching a Charlie Chaplin marathon.

Anyway, yeah.. I'm a dork. I'm no movie expert, but I like to watch TCM, because it plays the classics I like, and gives me an opportunity to see things I SHOULD have seen by now but haven't.

Anyway... watching Logan's run.. working on stupid skirt...
Norn is going to be a huge costume. :( I'm using my old wedding skirt as the underskirt for this costume. I'm unzipping it a little and hitching it up under my bust to get the length right. It's kind of ghetto, but it'll work. I made the base cream skirt last night, but I haven't finished it yet. I need to go buy a zipper, put a waisband on it, install the zipper, and then wait for the accents.
I can't trim it in the suede until I put the pink triangular accent on the front of the skirt. The trim has to go over it. (Reference photo is "Norn") I was also thinking about going out and buying more clear plastic bubbles. I wanted to experiment with the color a bit, so I pulled one out and played with metallic golds. None of them seemed to look very good, so I remembered I had a tube of antique gold creme acryllic laying around somewhere that would look very nice.

It wasn't until I found the acryllic and started playing with it that I remembered WHY I bought the stuff in the first place. It was to paint the bubbles for my Silky costume!!
I wanted to smack myself in the head. I have 12 gold-painted bubbles already... they're just attached to the shoulder armor. If I pry those off and peel the hotglue off the edges... they're already cut to the right size and everything. I can just use those. :O
I've already cut up Silky's two skirts, and used the bodice for my EGL costume... I have been hanging onto the shoulder armor for no particular reason other than the fact that it was my first fiberglassing project and I was partial to them. But... if I use those "gems" off that costume, I've re-used nearly every bit of that Silky costume! (Not the wig, nor the hat, nor the bracelets.. but damn near everything else) That's a pretty major accomplishment, IMO. I also feel that old costume has had quite a bit of milage. I was thinking that maybe those bubbles wern't 100% color-correct.. but they've already been cut and painted, and would have a little added significance for coming off that costume, so I think I'm going to use them.

Oh yeah.. forgot to mention, but wig and ear test photos are up.
I need ideas on how to attach those ears, and whether or not there's a good way to make my ears invisible :/ I finally gave in and just made a seperate gallery for Norn crap, since that's almost all I've been uploading lately. I'll have to go move all the norn stuff to the correct folder later.