July 18th, 2005


Back to work: I need cheering up from HP book 6 D:

Cosplay photos, yay! I'm starting to wonder if I should create a member gallery on cosplay.com for this sort of thing, like Makoto& Ringo do. I imagine it's to save space on our site, because all my other in progress photos were mercilessly purged this last update XD I was ok with it. I just forget from time to time that I can't link to those photos anymore XD

I'm ALMOST done with this stupid wand now. I really like it. All I have left is some paint retouching, and then I have to decide if I'm going to permentantly attach the head to the wand itself. Silly decision, I guess, but it stays so well on it's own.. D:

These close ups still dont' work with the flash
So here's the best shot, with a videotape next to it for size comparison

Lookin' pretty slick, huh?!?! :X
Collapse )

But oh my god, this thing smells horrible!

Anyway.. since this is about done, I've started work on the main portion of the costume. N-kun agreed to be my Klein, so we'll have two main characters at Afest! He bought all his fabric, and I bought mine. I'm taking quite a few liberties with this costume, though. I can say that now. And canon cosplayers might be kind of shocked. Her character art shows her outfit to be blocks of solid colors, but I've chosen a patterned fabric for her main outfit. She's a sea of pink. I've had some serious problems finding the right color in the right KIND of fabric. Normally, I would just pick a nice white suiting or twill and dye it the nessesary color, but I really can't do that with this one, since there's such a large sea of color, and I can NEVER get a peice of fabric to dye 100% completely uniformly. You can always tell it's been dyed by hand. It has a nice look to it, but I don't want that for this costume. So, I chose an upholstery fabric that was only slightly shiny, and had a matte curlyque pattern woven into it. I think it looks quite lovely, and N-kun didn't think it would detract from it at all. That left me with a satin taffeta underskirt. I'm still not sure how I feel about that, but I think it will also look great once I get it finished. It'll be a creative costume at least. No flat textures here!

I'm working on the hat now, though. Photos upcoming in a day or two. It's going to be cool! The base hat is a cowboy hat. I've been planning it since I decided on the costume. It's going to be fun, and it'a already almost finished.