June 28th, 2005


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Senpu is still being an ornery bitch about his medication. Thankfully, today is the last day of the antibiotic. Which is good. Because it smells more and more interesting every day.

We still haven't bothered with the anti nausea, because it's a tablet, and that just isn't happening. I don't think his royal fuzziness has been feeling nauseous, though. I think he vomits as a hobby.

I was going to say, much impressed, that he hasn't puked since we brought him back from the vet. But, he did puke yesterday. While that's gross, and makes me sad, for some reason, I was happier that this one was just a little food, and mostly furbasll.

It really means that he needs to be taking more of his tuna-furball-laxative, but I can't get him to eat it. Every time I try to smear a little on him, he shakes it all over the house and gives me a dirty look.

Since iRO was giving away free hat& shirt for people that rewnewed/purchased 6 month subscriptions, I did it for the extras.. haha. To be fair, I had missed the game a little bit, and I have been playing more often. I got two levels on Miss Deep, my priestess. She hasn't levelled in over 6 months! But yeah.. from 90 to 92. That's all kinds of awesome. However.. I still have 7 levels to go :( I have to get to 99 so I can have my aura, and then say goodbye to it right away by rebirthing into High Novice >..<
This isn't to say I've been ignoring WoW. I just haven't been playing it as much lately because I'm a little burned out on it. Akuma& I have been playing it since November, and I haven't really taken much of a break from it. I don't play it every waking moment, but when I feel like playing a videogame, that's what I'm doing. WoW. So, I pushed really hard to get one of my alternate characters to lvl 40 so I could ride a giant wolf, then didn't feel like playing much anymore.. lol I've been playing a little bit, but I've been turning to iro more when I feel like playing a game.

Yesterday was exciting, though. I got all sorts of housework done, scrubbed my sink out(which really needed to be done) and examined my cat's feces with extreme interest :( At least I will pretend I was interested. His litter box was getting kind of bad, and I need to keep track of what is coming out of his ass until I know he's not sick anymore >..< I made cheesey scalloped potatoes from scratch, and thought about cooking some more. Making things like thar really makes me happy. Akuma wouldn't eat it though. He says he hates scalloped potatoes. I asked him to just try mine, and I'd leave him alone, but he made aface and looked like he would die if I fed some to him :/ He's such a picky eater. I mean, potatoes, cheese, and ham in a casserole dish! How can you not like that?? XP

Anyway.. Today, I am thinking about making corn bread. I haven't had any in ages, so I'm looking forward to it. I don't htink I have a proper baking pan anymore, though... so I'm thinking about hitting HEB up first. It's huge. They have kitchen stuff. It'll be great.

I was also thinking about picking up some stuff and trying to make some okonomiyaki, because I can :P
I have most of what I need now, and I can fudge some of the stranger stuff, like the seasoned ginger, and the okonomiyaki sauce. Since I now have my shiro dashi, I was looking through my cookbook to see what I could make. Unfortunately, now I think I need to get some white& red miso paste. All the good looking meats looked like they were basted in red miso paste XD

Because I was looking at cooking stuff like that last night, I had a weird dream about buying a squid. It was really weird. The end.
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Dishwasher has been leaving little spots on the dishes for a while now, but it never bothered me much. Lately, however, it's just not cleaning things. Gotta call a repairman. In the meantime, I'm washing dishes the "old-fashioned way," in the sink. I forgot how much I hated washing them. I like drying them, though. But my brother's not here, so I can't force him to wash while I dry, like I used to. Until then, my hands feel gross, smell gross, but at least the dishes are clean. I just can't put up with the crusted pasta sauce the dishwaser is baking into the plates now. WTF.

Oh well. >..< I would rather they were done right then come out of the dishwasher LOOKING clean. I really wouldn't trust them enough to eat off them after I've seen how some of these dishes come out looking.

Oh yeah.. film buffs can stop hating me now. I must admist a dirty secret. I had never seen Frederico Fellini's 8 1/2. While you probably didn't know that in the first place, it's too late to chastise me about it now, since I rented it and watched it this afternoon. After watching the whole thing, I understood how appropriate it was that Terry Gilliam did the preface.

I also watched Onibaba, which I also enjoyed. Until I watched the interview and learned that he intended everything to be about sex. And everything symbolizes sex. And all the sound effects are meant to relate to sex. And sex sex blahblahblah. Seriously.. I didn't interprit reeds swaying in the wind and pigeons cooing as SEX. :O
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