January 20th, 2005


Welcome to llave journal!

Post about B.O.

....I need some sleep.

Gogo has to be done tomorrow. HAS TO.

I put the cape together tonight. Well, most of it. The lining and outer peice are together now. Considering how huge it is, I think of that as a major accomplishment. The back panel is on now, too. It's the one with the chocobo on it. Except right now, it has no chocobo. I don't know if I will have time to do it tomorrow. Probably not.. in which case I will have to do it for Kamikaze or whatever con I go to next. And finish Shiina for said con. Yeah.

Anyway... checklist for Gogo?

~Cut and attach two side capelets. Have fabric for both of these now. Yay!

~Find a way to attach armor. Permenantly or whatever. Who cares

~Finish shoes. They're getting there

~omg make belt D:

~Put some sort of closure on vest, no matter how ghetto

If I have time, I would like to do the following:

~make wrist/hand guards out of red butterfly brocade
~Heraldic chocobo on back crest shaped cape panel
~More trim everywhere. Damn near everything already has beads, coins, etc on it, but I want MORE MORE MORE
~find lots of beaded necklaces, etc for costume
~clean up my sewing mess.

In any case.. I'm really tired :( I want to take more pictures.. but I'm also too tired to arrange everything on the dress form for pictures.. which is a shame, because my hat looks really fucking cool right now.
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Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE LOVE LOVE animefest??

If I ever stop going to conventions entirely, I'll still go to Animefest.

Dude.. it's fucking JANUARY, and they announced a MAJOR guest!
Things can change, and As with Ushi, a major guest may have to cancel.. but holy shit.

From the flyer:

We are ecstatic to announce our 2005 J-Pop Guest of Honor:

Maaya Sakamoto
Singer / Seiyuu

Starting her career at age 15, she performed the opening song for the hit anime series Vision of Escaflowne written by the famous Yoko Kanno. Since then she has continued to perform countless songs written and composed by Yoko Kanno. These have included including the theme songs to RahXephon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Wolfs Rain and countless others. She has also released several solo albums and singles.

For a complete listing of her anime credits:

For a discography and more in-depth bio, I recommend:

Her official web-site: (in Japanese)

She will be performing on Sunday night during the convention. Yes, Sunday, not Saturday. Due to schedule conflicts we are swapping the Cosplay and Concert this year."

Animefest has been SOLID on excellent pop acts in the past. BOA, MAX (OMGMAX!), etc...
They haven't really brought in any rock acts, but the pop acts they've brought in are stellar.. and they've got a MAJOR seiyuu this year, to boot! I don't think I've ever gone to a con with a seiyuu name I know... because, well... XD
I know... Hikaru Midorikawa... that crazy guy that changed his name to Kanna and played Gutts in Berserk& Maxi (pad) in Soul Calibur.. and his royal vocal hotness, Takehito Koyasu. Becca would slap me, but I swear he is versitile enough that I really can't recognize his voice that well yet. Or maybe she wouldn't slap me.. and be proud I could remember this many seiyuu names XD
Oh, and Tomokazu Seki.. who I know by name and roles only. And of the wimmin's.... uh... Mitsuishi Kotono, Sakamoto Maaya, and of course Megumi Hayashibara.

So yeah. I really don't know that many seiyuu names, but omg there's one I know coming to A-fest and I actually have somthing for her to autograph! :O


Makes me think of the Dubs vs Subs debate

I used to be SUBSSUBSSUBSSUBS all the time.. but I feel that the quality of voicework keeps going up. It's very difficult to match the appropriate voice to each character.. and I think in the end, that's all that ever really bothered me... that and mispronunciation of Japanese names. People get all pissy about that.. but they also get pissy when a series is localized and the names are changed. I would personally rather they localize the names as well. The story is what is important, IMO. I know that the US voice actors work very hard to breathe life into each character, and I recognize that. When I'm watching a dub with a group of freinds or on.. say.. Adult Swim (since my TV is almost always on Cartoon Network) I hear a lot of really great acting. As years have gone on, I've only gained more and more respect for the hard working US voice talent. And beleive it or not, I have a TON of respect for Disney's effort in international releases for similar reasons. Disney tries VERY hard to match voices with their releases. If you ever get a chance, listen to the international language reel on DVDs like Monster's INC. It's amazing hearing the languages change from one to another while the voice stays almost exactly the same.


You and I both know I should be sewing right now, and getting ready for Ushi.. but Animefest is a con after my own heart, and I just had to share
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