November 12th, 2004


Hiding from the wolrd!

I'm probably going to go missing for a while, I think.

I haven't really had anything interesting to update about lately, and I've been sick and sleepy. Because I was working some rough hours multiple days in a row, I hadn't had a chance to recover from illness. I worked Sun-Weds:
Sun: 12pm-7pm (managed to coerce one of the other employees to help out. He wasn't sick, and he was scheduled 1pm-6pm- WTF. ANYWAY. He worked until 7 or 8 and I got to go home and sleep at 6)
Mon: 9am-6pm
Tues: 9am-6pm
Weds: 10am-4pm

Needless to say, I was tired. I know that on Tues, when I got home at 6pm, I went straight to sleep and woke up the next morning just in time to rush to work. Weds, I got to go see the Incredibles, eat at Cathay, and hang out with a few old freinds. (For those of you that know them, Kuma and Oratorio. We made fun of Oratorio for his unrequited crush on Celine. Alot. hehe)
Weds night was a really great night.
Weds night, I went to bed around maybe midnight or so, and slept in until 3pm. I spent the rest of the day feeling really gross from oversleeping. HOWEVER! I think I was finally caught up on all the resting I needed to do to get over my cold. I spent the rest of the day playing Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturn.

Today, I feel spiffy, and I'm continuing to sit on the couch and do nothing. (Shin Megami Tensei:Nocturn, 50+ hours into the game, no end in sight)
I have to go back to work tomorrow from 5pm-10 pm, but that's nothing compared to what I did during Halo week. I am working quite a few days out of the week next week as well, but I don't think the hours are as long. I don't know yet, but I plan on getting a copy of my schedule when I go to work tomorrow.

So today, I haven't really had any plans to do anything. I've been playing SMT:Nocturn, and I cooked some really great corned beef hash. It was somthing I wanted to do since last week.. but I haven't had a lot of time to cook. Akuma also helped out with the house work a lot on Tues& Weds, so now I'm about caught up with that.

As far as costuming goes, I have to work on a 1920's flapper outfit for my Aunt/Godmother. The commission is due new year's ish- but she hasn't replied to any emails about measurements yet. :/

Then, it's all Ushi stuff. I feel like scrapping everything, and just making Gogo (Final Fantasy 6) because I really do feel going to a con as a pile of walking remnants. I really need to take care of a few in-progress costumes and prior commitments before I can spend a lot of time on that one, though.

Frankly, between you and me, I'm getting really tired of always having a project in the works. That's why, after Ushi, I'm seriously thinking about a long hiatus from cosplay. The self esteem issues don't help matters much either.... and these past few projects have more than affirmed my newfound belief that I would almost rather sell my kidneys than have to do another commission for someone who beleives they get any sort of special discounts or favors. (Aka- damned near everyone)

In other news- I need to email Fantasyprops again. I haven't heard any sort of news on my Tsunade necklace. I never did get it in time for Animefest. When I contacted the guy about it, he said he'd re-cast it and mail it again, insured. That was maybe laste Sept. I haven't heard anything since... so if he tried sending it again, It never arrived, and it'd be time to check up on the shipping number. If he hasn't mailed it yet because he's been busy, that's ok... but I would have liked to know.
I'm sure his work is quality, and other people probably don't have any problems with him, but this whole ordeal is frustrating.
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