October 1st, 2004


Today was a day for STUFF

No new pics of the costume today, sorry. I'm waiting on paint to dry. Hopefully, though, I will get some photos of the finished costume up on this site before I ship it. I've been pretty busy this week, let me tell ya!


So now that my name is FINALLY changed, I can change my name on my W-2 and my driver's license. I have all the paperwork for the W-2, just gotta fill it out and turn it in.
The driver's license... I don't know when I'm going to get that done. It's gotta be soon, though. I was going to do it today, but I went to the dentist this morning, so it didn't happen.

I had to wake up very early today to be at the dentist's by 8:50 AM. I brought Buck-Tick's "This is not GREATEST HITS" collection to listen to while they drilled. I am ALWAYS very nervous about the dentist... probably because they always scold me, there's always somthing wrong, and I've had my fair share of painful dentistry. There's nothing worse than lying prone on that chair with your eyes watering and your arms flailing as they're digging around in your mouth.
We've got a very nice dentist, though. He's a nice guy, and his hygenists are nice. I don't know what happened to the evil one from heck, but my dental experinces lately have been pleasant. I can almost say I had a good time getting my teeth drilled today because they had been hurting me so much.
Thankfully, the two I was concerned about were NOT root canals! They were probably pretty close, though. My dentist said damned near all my cavities come from between the teeth, though.. meaning my brushing is probably just fine, but I'm crap at flossing. That's somthing I'm really going to try harder on.. because I don't have that many teeth, and I'd rather not lose any XP
In any case... I had gas, lots of shots to the face (They were working on my entire left side this time)and best of all- the CD player. This has to be the best idea in all of dentistry. It's so much easier to concentrate on songs you know by heart and can sing along to, beause it takes your concentration away from the sound of the drill. And with the gas thingie over my nose the entire time, I can happily report I didn't smell anything foul and burning until he took this laser to my gums...
I don't know what was up with that. He said I had some overgrowth on one area or somthing, and took a laser to burn it. Smelled horrible, and sounded like one of those tattoo-removing lasers..


The rest of the day

I was out of there at 10AM, and went down to work to pick up Katamari Damacy/Damashi. (Huzzah!!!) I think they were going to try to call me in to work, but when they saw that I was drooling all over myself and could hardly speak (face was numb) they didn't bother XD

I went home and played a little.. but I could still taste a lot of my dental work mixed with blood.. and that compounded on no food and lack of sleep made me feel really nauseous. So, I took some tylenol and took a nap. Because of that, I couldn't make it to the DMV, or get any of my vinyl painting done early >..< Bugger.

The dentist also said it could take anywhere up to a week for my gums to completely heal up. Between the really deep fillings on my bad teeth, and the lasers and crap, they're a little sore, and a tiny bit swollen. The pain has gone away for the most part.. but that might also be the tylenol speaking. I've been really nervous to chew on that side, just because of my gums. My teeth feel fantastic, though. I was able to eat some ice cream today. :) Before, it was causing so much pain due to cold sensitivity, I couldn't eat it. (Though.. in these past few days, I haven't eaten much at all. Dental problems help you lose weight! o..O )

Having all that work done was truly an all-day thing. Kinda sucked. The worst part is the fact that I have a few more spots that need to be taken care of. So, I need to schedule ANOTHER appointment to have the last of it done.. and then when my insurance renews at the beginning of the year, I get my wisdom teeth taken out. After that, I'm all caught up with my bad dental problems from the past 6 or 7 years, and I can start fresh with 6mo. dental cleanings, etc.

I'm thinking about taking a cosplay hiatus after Ushi...