September 30th, 2004



Dentist tomorrow.
That was some of the big news that didn't make it in the earlier post.
Since I was experiencing pain whenever I so much as inhaled quickly over the tooth in question... Akuma was very sweet and forfeit his time to me. So, instead of him going in tomorrow for crown work, I go in for possible root canal.. and he gets my appointment on Oct. 4th.
This is going to sound really bad, but I can't wait... because we just bought this really good looking strawberry cheesecake ice cream, and I can't eat it because it hurts my teeth too much XD

Anyway... Cosplay

I should have the jacket completely finished tomorrow. I have been procrastinating on putting the lining in, because I want to make sure everything is perfect. The measurements have all been double-checked, and everything is ready to go. However, when I was looking at ref. photos on button colors today, I noticed that the sleeves were not supposed to go in BEFORE the shoulder embroidery. Those parts get sewn INTO the sleeve.. which just pisses me off because of all that easing and crap :P
So I'll have to re-do the sleeves tomorrow. Good thing I didn't put that lining in, huh?

I think I need to take 3 inches off the top of the skirt.

I also need to go to the hardware store tommorrow and look for hardware for the braid. I might be able to find it at the craft store, though.
I think I'm out of trim, too. And I still have to trim the front of the skirt, and the bottom of the jacket, once it's lined. And there are a few tiny peices here and there that need to go in on the cuffs and the top of the flappy thing.
Anyway.. here are some more almost-done photos.
Oh yeah.. gotta finish that pocket on the front, too.
All in all, it's turning out to be a very nice suit jacket. I'll probably have to stick it on Akuma for non-wrinkly photos, though. It just doesn;t look good on a dressform with boobs and small shoulders.
So sleepy
OMG dentist tomorrow
Want pictures of my teeth?