August 18th, 2004



My post... did not post.
I do not know why.
Now I am pissed off, because this is the one time I forgot to copy/paste my longer entries. (Isn't it sad that it has become my habit to copy everything before I click the post button? I never know when it's going to go through)

Anyway... I'm not re-typing everything, so here's a mini update:

Work is settling down. I think. I hate how erratic it is.
I do not work again until Sunday. N-kun is visiting this weekend to help on wings more.
I will have the GTO commission finished either today or tomorrow.. and I hope to have a large dent in other projects as well. I am going to try to work on my Shiina costume, or my Tsunade costume. I have the wigs for both. Tsunade just needs a kimono and hanten. Shiina needs more sewing... but I have the wigs for both, so I really hope to finish them both.
In addition to that, I have some things done for the FMA commission, but I will not feel comfortable until I have more done on that. I may not get to work on it in earnest until after AF, though.. as I just have too many projects right now.. and nothing after AF.

Hopefully work will settle down, and I won't be doing 30 hrs a week two weeks in a row, and then 15 hours a week... and then ??
So frustrating.