August 8th, 2004


Um.. yeah

Party at my house this weekend!!!!.............................apparently o..O

You know how I complain that there's no one in town to hang out with?
Yeah.. well.. everyone's visiting this weekend. This is weird on a cosmic scale.
My little brother is coming up.. and Puu& Tony are coming up. (I just found out tonight that they were planning on staying with me) and uh... one of my commissions (aka- customer) is offering to drive Squidlet up... so she will be here, and then N-kun was talking about coming down to help me on wings and B-chan was talking about visiting.. omg.. so many people

Roll call!
Uh.. who exactly is staying with me?
No clue!
And poor Akuma is working this week, so he can't visit with any of them.

The thing that REALLY sucks is this:
I get 2 days off next week. WTF?!?!
At least I'm not working Sat.