August 3rd, 2004


OK, since people have been asking lately...

Yes, we are having a Halloween party this year.
As with previous years, it is a costume party, but you are not under any obligation to wear any sort of costume.

Year one of our annual Halloween parties had no definite theme, or anything really going for it.. but we had a lot of freinds hanging out, and it was cool.

Last year featured a rather impromptu pirate theme, and lots of booze :O

This year, I am formally announcing a theme, and a few set house rules.
I'll get the hang of this sooner or later.

The Theme for this year: Rocky Horror Picture Show!
Yes, it's an oldie, but a goodie. You guys are encouraged to come in costume, but it's not a requirement. RHPS costumes get brownie points :D
I was rather worried it had been done to death, but everyone I've talked to about it has seemed really excited so far, so I figured.. why the hell not?

All close freinds are welcome. Most aquaintances are welcome. If you're not sure you're invited, you can email me. If you attended last year and behaved yourself, you're invited back :P

To get in the door, you must have one of the below:
A small pack of doritos and a warm fotie doesn't count, BTW

Pretty simple, huh?
Last year, I stocked the bar myself. Never again! I know I had two large bottles of vodka, and I never got to make anything with them, because they were gone right away :(

If you drink, I'll be stealing keys again like I did last year. You are more than welcome to crash on the floor.. but if you plan on getting so fucked up you have to puke, you sleep on the deck so you can be hosed off in the morning. It's not reccommended.

If enough people show interest in costuming, We can have a mini contest with fabulous prizes! Like who gets to sleep on the guest bed!

Puu and GenCat have already discussed coming up a day early to help with decorations.. and I have tons of plans for decorations!

The date is.. um..
I dunno. Whatever that weekend is. I think it's the 29-31 this year. And yes, it's going to go through the whole weekend. It's just easier that way... Especially since I anticipate a lot of out-of-town guests. Like a con, usually the majority of the people are here Fri night, & sat, though.

I'm sure I'll have more details closer to the event. (3 months people.. come on! I know there arn't any cons between Animefest and Ushi... but come on! --- Addendum: The management asks you do not mention Oni con)
And.. I'm sure I'll make up a lot more rules between now and then to spoil your fun. But.. after last year, I've discovered I DO need rules like "Do not sleep THERE or on top of THAT without asking first" or "Don't open that if you dont' know what it is" or even "if you're going to puke, don't do it in sink... or really in the house. Nasty."
Or the ever favorite "Try not to eat so much fiber because now I need to call the plumber"

In fact.. I don't want to dwell on the bad things from last year too much or I won't want any of you back this year XD
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