July 14th, 2004


Yesterday's e/n locked post has been mercifully deleted.

After talking with my brother about this briefly, I finally decided to hit the mall and look into diet pills today.
I'm not into fad diets, and I never would have thought I was the kind of person to fall to the diet pill scam... but my brother was telling me about a brand that helped his freind lose a lot of weight by lowering appetite.
(Supposedly, it burns fat, raises metabolism, and all that crap, but I don't buy it)

Anyway.. since Akuma is a pharmacist, I thought I'd have a talk with him about it. He doesn't really trust the herbal supplements, because they are not regulated by the FDA. I knew the rists, and I looked into them a lot before I decided to try one.

Frankly, I don't give a crap if it's supposed to turn me into a supermodel overnight.

I just want... to not be so hungry all the time.

People make fun of girls who don't have the perfect body. I've seen nasty comments on BBS about my photos all the time. They're usually along the lines of "OMG FATTY NEED 2 STOP EATING" etc. But it's not that easy. I struggle every day to stay out of the kitchen. To drink more water, remember to take my vitamins.. try to keep up with my aerobics.. but that doesn't do any good if you're always hungry. And when you're hungry, all you can think about is food. That really makes things worse. I just needed somthing that would help me not to feel so hungry all the time. I've been doing well with denying myself food over the past 3 days or so. I haven't eaten much at all, with the exception of my daily dose of junk food. (IE- leftovers of my birthday cake, but that's gone now)
So... hopefully this will give me a bit of an edge and keep me from wanting to snack all the time.
Or it could make me hideously ill XD Don't worry, though. The second I feel crappy, I'm getting my refund on them. (Thanks for the money-back guarantee, GNC :P )

While I was there, though.. there was a serious supplement junkie. Apparently, she's a vegetarian that eats tons of those protein bars, etc a day. (Hope that's soy protein, honey) and drinks the shakes, etc.. and spends all her spare time excercizing. She was pretty damned buff. I think she could have broken my neck with her thighs. Anyway... She was thinking about picking up a bottle of supplements/fat burners... "just because." Apparently, she buys the damned things out of habit, regardless as to whether or not she things they do her any good. Unbeleivable.

Anyway... cruising around yesterday snagged me a McFarlane toy of get this...
Countess Elizabeth Bathory XD
McFarlane is doing a set of infamous historical nutjobs. I love it. I almost bought the Rasputin& Vlad the Impaler ones, too. Too cool. (6 figure set. Bathory, Atilla the Hun, Rasputin, Jack the Ripper, Vlad the Impaler, Billy the Kid) Cool toy set. Nice looking figures, as usual. I think Bathory has the fewest accessories, and is pretty much a sculpted hunk of plastic in a tub.. which gives it a much sturdier shelf life, as McFarlane stuff likes to fall apart if you touch it :/

I also bought a lot of the fabric for one of my commissions today. I'd be ready to start if it wern't for the fact that they are still out of freakin' white twill suiting. I almost bought some navy blue stuff that was in the bottomweights section on sale.. but it was a little darker than I had wanted, and it was a little thinner than I would have liked. Still, it was on sale for 25% off, so it was very tempting. Ultimately, though, I think I would have been unhappy with it. The sad thing is.. when I mix my dyebath for the white, it will most likely end up being a very close color anyway. Talk about irony.
The dissappointment over the absent white twill was more than made up for by some buttons I found. They were expensive, but they're gunmetal silver with a lion pattern on them VERY similar to the FMA military merlion pattern.. which makes me giddy and happy.. because they look almost as if they were made for my costume. It's the little details like that....

Anyway.. I still need to buy my gold cording and twill for that costume. I can start after I get my twill dyed and washed... but I can't assemble the lining until I get the twill and decide where my pattern alterations will lie.

Our local HEB is making fresh sushi again. I'm very happy about that... but I wish california rolls didn't have that nasty avacodo snot in them.
Oh well. I think I have earned my few points of pickiness. I'm otherwise not that much of a picky eater. (Hate liver, peas, and avocado. Damn near anything else is fair game.)