June 2nd, 2004



Um, yeah. So.... uh....
Yukari isn't finished.
The Yu~ki top is about 75% finished....

Why do I do this to myself? If I work hard, I can get the top done tonight, sew the sleeves on and make the skirt tomorrow... finish the wig tomorrow, and then finish Yukari on Thurs...

The Chenogasm is almost done.. gotta get a big gay flower for it, and that's taken care of

Gotta make the harness for the wings and touch those up. At this point, those are the first to go.

Damn you leather.

I have just enough of the nice white to finish the top, too.. and pearly reptile-print for the front. I was very tempted to make most of it out of pearly reptile print, but I am shooting for accuracy.. I think XD
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>..> Yes, I'm being bad

Yu~ki wig: 95% complete
Yu~ki top: 75% complete (damn.. leather in massive ammounts is a bitch)
Yu~ki staff:95% complete
Yu~ki pants: bought
Yu~ki shoes: bought
Yu~ki skirt thing: Have yet to make, but it's super simple

Everything else: Still not done.

However.. as I am getting tired of glue, feathers, and leather, I think I will take a break and finish the mods on the Syaoran sister Chenogasm, and possibly work on the Yukari kimono.

I'm glad Izumi is finished.
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