June 1st, 2004



I got the rest of my leather in for my Yu~ki costume today.
The leather I got is actually a little larger than expected, and the perfect length to get one good, large cut for the back panel. I should have enough leather to make the costume now.
You have no idea how tempted I am to start working on it. T..T I wanted this for A-kon *so* badly.
I know I can't make it for A-kon, because I need to draft a pretty complicated pattern for the jacket.. and I don't have the white tights I need for my arms.. and I need to do a LOT of featherwork on this costume... but now that I actually have all the materials, I'm really hurting to get started. I just have to keep telling myself to finish the projects I have left, though.
Maybe if I get really motivated, I can make the most of this time and pull a miracle out of my ass...
But I'm not going to make it if it's going to compromise the quality of any of the previously started costumes.. OR the quality of this one. I really wish I had another week.
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