May 24th, 2004


Photo Extravaganza

I have.. uh.. photos.
Fruit salad and costumes.
Those interested can request photos of my thumb. I sent it to hell in the form of some really fucking hot hotglue. My hotglue gun has NEVER gotten that hot before.....>..<
It hurts.
So, I'm taking a break. Time for photos.

Ed Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist:
Making the coat tomorrow. Made the jacket today. OW MY THUMB
Here's a front of the jacket. You don't need any more. It's not like the back is special or anything. Stop whining :P
detail on the closure. HOTGLUE IS LIKE NAPALM T..T

And now, for finished Syaoran photos:
Syaoran 01 through Syaoran 05. Please take the time to check them all out :P

I made a really huge fruit salad this weekend with my brother, too.
It's mammoth.
I bought a starfruit, because they looked kinda cool, and the sign at the grocery store said they were sweet, and tasted kinda like a combination of a few different fruits, so I bought one.
They have about as much flavor as grass. It's like the really exotic fruits like starfruit or cactus pears all taste the same.... kinda like grass...

So anyway.. so the starfruit wouldn't go to waste, we took photos.
Here's the establishing shot
Oh baby... little bit closer

Attack of the 50 foot fruit salad!

Mmm... fruit
Yes, there are lots of photos of food.
But the starfruit sure looked pretty XD