May 7th, 2004


Today was interesting.

I'm apparently under investigation at work. It's not anything I *did* but more like something I am suspected of being an accomplice of.
I'm not really allowed to talk about it, though.. which sucks because I want to rant and rave about how stupid the situation is and how the guilty party pisses me off. Until the matter is cleared up, I cannot be placed on the schedule. I do not know when I work next.. but it is not the rest of this week, nor any of next week. I will probably be called in for questioning sometime this week. I've been on edge. I haven't done anything, but I feel like I'm being branded a criminal every time I so much as rub my eyes. But... since I don't know when I'm working next, you know....
>..> It would be a good time to have visitors or throw parties XD
Things suck, let's party! :O

Gonna visit Akuma at work tonight.
Tomorrow, I will see the Orkin dude again because the ants of invaded the kitchen again. (It's not fair. I keep the counters clean, the trash in the can, and the dirty dishes in the dishwasher... a great deal of the time >..> )

I will also endeavor to finish the Izumi top and the waist-wrap I am making for it. (damn it. The fabric LOOKED very solidly opaque when I had it cut.)
I folded over each and every seam so that it would look professional and not fray. I also already hemmed the damned thing. All I need to do to finish the top is add the collar. I hate collars. My buttonholes turned out so much nicer than how the collar will probably turn out XP Hate collars. I have to fix the bun cover, too. I made it huge, and it's still too small. Maybe I should get 2-4 inches whacked off my hair to make things easier. (Trust me.. you won't even notice..)

I picked up La Pucelle Tactics today. I haven't started it up, but I loved Disgaea. I like Atlus. This should be fun :)

Hmm.. what else... Dragon cane still hasn't arrived yet. I am getting angry. This seller is a total flake. I don't want to have to deal with this, so I hope it shows up soon. There are too many problems popping up right now. (one of my leather sellers on ebay has been flaking out, too. I haven't sent them any money yet, because they keep forgetting to send me a combined shipping total. I think Yu~ki is DOOMED to be put-off until Animefest)

I'm freaking out by my current lack of leather. Worst part is.. when I finally get enough to MAKE this top.. it's probably not going to match in the places where it needs to match (back and sides)

Oh well. I get the odd feeling no one reads these if I make them to long, so I'm out :P
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