April 15th, 2004


:) Izumi!

I don't have to push myself to insane limits to make an AL costume. I am happy :)
I have found a female character from FMA that suits me that I would like to cosplay.. and it's a simple enough costume that I can make it by A-kon without any stress. In fact... I could probably make the costume in one day ^..^ Plus.. if I finish that Ed costume for Ray, I'll still be able to pose with him.. and Izumi's red mark will make certain there is no doubt what series I'm from. Since she really just got her big taste of airtime this past week (Episode 27) she will more than likely not be very recognizable, but I don't care. I get to have dredlocks XD
Izumi is the one that tutored Ed& Al in alchemy, and she beats them up a lot, so it's appropriate that I'm doing that, and my younger brother will be Ed.. heh
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