March 24th, 2004


Oh yeah...

I remember promising to post in-progress sleeve photos for people, and I kept forgetting.
Now... the finished sleeve is going to consist of an arm-band around the bicep with two straps leading down to a smaller band holding the lower sleeve. There are gold fillagree-looking buttons I bought for the strappy things... so use your imagination. All I got was the bottom finished
Here you go
and more
In case you wanted to see how it all looked

Now... as I've decided to make a sleeveless tux jacket with tails for this thing.. and get myself a top hat, I've decided I need a fancy cane in lieu of somthing like an umbrella. Because of this, Jess has brought to my attention the need to learn how to defend myself. While it may not be common knowledge, by owning a cane, you are automatically admitted into a secret club of dualists, not unlike Utena. You may be asked to drop everything and fight for your life in a savage cane battle. Because Jess fears for my life, she has directed me to a site where I might educate myself.

I also need to make myself some knickers for this outfit. AKA Bloomers, etc.
If I'm going to be cane-fighting, I can't just have frilly panties.
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