February 24th, 2004


Well, I wasn't sure about it, but...

The Yu~ki wig I got is perfect. Compared to the reference photo (from the site I bought the wig from), it looks nothing like it. But.. compared to the reference photo of Yu~ki, it looks DAMN close, IMO. IT's weird. I mean, it's no where NEAR as full as the reference photo. I had suspected that it wouldn't be as thic... because I was assuming the parted the hair in the back and pushed it to the front. Well.. even if I were to do that with the wig I got in.. it wouldn't look anywhere near as full as the one in the photo. However.. this is what I was hoping for.. which makes the wig darn near perfect. It's really curly, so it's kind of tangly. I've been working on running my fingers through it this afternoon. It's a bit tangled just because it's so curly, but I think I can relax it to make it look like my reference photo. I just gotta get to the hobby store and buy the stuff I need to sew into the wig to finish it. Things are looking good for Yu~ki so far. I need to start practicing the makeup, though

Today is a costume day. I really don't have as much time to A-kon as I think... so I need to get moving. I think I can dye the top for the Loli costume today, and make the base skirt. That will just leave sleeves, underskirt, and leather detailing to take care of. I don't know exactly how I want to make the underskirt yet, though, so that part will probably take a while.
I've been procrastinating on Yu~ki because I've been hoping to win this white leather hide to make the top out of. I keep losing bids because I don't want to go over 40 bucks for it, and they've been consistantly selling for around 70. It's hard to tell what the original fabric is.. but it's probably not leather. I just thought the white leather suede-texture would look great on the top.

Gotta get stuff done today..
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