February 23rd, 2004


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These past few days have been fun. N-kun visited from Dallas, and we hung out for a while.
I had a crappy store meeting at 8 AM that I probably didn't get paid for... and then I thought I had to work at noon.. but I'm kinda stupid and copied the wrong dates down on the schedule. Only partly my fault for not trying to find another one. You see.. the schedule never seems to be up at the same time& same place EVER.. so I copied down last week's. At least I didn't miss any work, though. I work WEDS at 1pm this week.
Well.. Aside from getting me dressed up for no reason, I got to hang out with N-kun some more until he had to go... and then Puu& Mizz stopped by from Austin. We've been having fun... watching a lot of movies.
We made fun of the horribly bad movie "TEH 1337 CORE".. uh.. I mean "The Core," and we also saw Freddy Vs. Jason.. which I thought was absolutely hilarious. I may have to pick it up on DvD.
We rented a few more gems tonight. ( I really need to buy Ichi the Killer )
Set list tonight:
~~Ichi the Killer ( I love this movie )
~~Party Monster ( Very Good )
~~Hedwig& The Angry Inch (Puu has not seen it )
~~Dracula 2000 (I have not seen it)
~~Anger Management (Akuma& I have not seen it)

Oh yeah.. and I forgot to mention some of the other ones we saw: (from my DVD Library)
~~House of 1000 corpses
~~Resident Evil
~~Return to Oz
Anyway.... they are back from getting food, and we're ready to resume the movie night with Hedwig. More later.
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