February 4th, 2004


Time for some changes

... and I'll probably start today.

I need to take the Christmas tree down, and make an effort to whip the house into shape. I'm actually having company this weekend, so it needs to happen.
Dishes need to be done, and rooms need to be cleaned. I gotta straighten up a few personal issues, too, but I think I can work things out there. I really need to get everything put away that needs to be put away.. and get vaccuming, etc done. Gotta clean out the nasty stuff from the fridge, and clean up my sewing area so I can start on new projects.

I plan on starting a new project right away, and working on the loli-goth dress I promised Bevin for A-kon. If I can get that done, then I will have more time to procrastinate on A-kon costumes later.

The A-kon list thus far:
Yu~ki (Due to an awesome christmas present from Mako& Ringo, I have nearly all the makeup I need, as well as a setting powder, so it looks like I will not have to bother Zoi to send things down for me. I might send away for 1 or 2 things anyway, so that I have creme for Nehelenia)
Yukari If I can snag enough reference shots from Zoi's crack-dealer, I will probably do this one. I have armwarmers, tights, etc already... and it looks like the top is a set of white kimono- Super simple.
Baiken Another kimono costume. Baiken from Guilty Gear. This one has been on my list for quite a while, and I'm not really feeling like this is going to be a huge big-project year... so a lot of simple things like Yukari and Baiken will offset Yu~ki
Misha Misha from Pita-Ten. I've talked to Mako a little bit about this one. I want to match her Koboshi, and I'm going to mail all of her stuff up to her house and cover any extra expenses in exchrage for this costume. :O I'm not making this one!
Bebedora I still want to do this one, and it's also a pretty simple dress. Lots of fun prop making on this one
Dominique the Cyclops This costume has only seen once convention. WTF? :D I plan on wearing it again. I was going to wear it at Ushi, but I was feeling super-icky on Sunday, so it didn't happen. It'll probably go along to A-kon.

So.. Yu~ki and Yukari will probably be Friday costumes, Misha/Baiken/Bebedora and the Loli outfit will be Saturday costumes, and Dominique will be a Sunday costume. It seems Saturday is pretty packed, but if I wear one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening, and one to the dance, it's not too bad. At A-kon, I usually get the itch to change costumes a lot, anyway. Plus, there's a good chance I'll end up getting out of Yu~ki earlier than planned, etc. It's up in the air, but since there are so many comfortable costumes to look forward to this summer, I don't think it will be an issue. The main focus of this summer is Yu~ki. Everything else is secondary.. The two most complicated ones are the Loli design I've drawn, and the Yu~ki costume.. so this week, I am starting the Loli-goth outfit, and getting supplies for Yu~ki. Then, I'll start wig hunting for the Yu~ki, Baiken, and Misha wigs. (Unfortunately, I don't think I can get away with buying only one pink wig. Oh dear.)
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