December 30th, 2003


o..O Rated ARRRR for Asscrack!

I saw "Cold Mountain" today with mom. She just left to go to Austin. Apparently she's hitting 6th street tonight with some freinds XD Go mom!
Anyway... She wanted to see Mona Lisa Smile. I'm sorry Kirsten Dunst.. I think you are cool, but 80% of the movies you are in are chick flicks.. and that's not my thing XP
But, Cold Mountain opened this weekend.. I wasn't too interested in that one, either, but I saw a featurette on VH1 about it, and changed my mind. Nichole Kidman (pretty cool), Jude Law (pretty awesome) and Rene Zellweger (kickass). Plus.. from what I'd seen, Zellweger's character was really cool, so I figured what the heck.. why not. Mom hadn't seen Return of the King, but I'd just seen it two days previously,and I don't think my butt could handle another LotR movie right now.
Anyway.. Cold Mountain was pretty good. It started to drag towards the middle, where the cuts between all the characters started to make you edgy... It worked well in LotR.. you could handle switching between people quite a bit.. in Cold Mountain, I don't think it worked so well. There were also cuts between flashbacks and the present along with following the story of the two main characters. It wasn't confusing, but after a while, you get kind of restless.
The battle scenes were awesome.. the acting is great.. but somthing kept nagging at me.. and at times, despite obvious differences, it reminded me a lot of Far& Away, and made me want to watch that one XD
Apparently, imdb says that Cold Mountain was originally going to be another Tom Cruise/Nichole Kidman movie.. but after they separated, the project was delayed. Worked out well with Jude Law, anyway >..>

This movie should be rated R specifically for the Asscrack. You see... quite a bit of both Jude Law and Nichole Kidman here XD Yes, yes.. the two of you both have nice butts and great asscracks. Now cover up!! >:O
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