November 30th, 2003


Just for shits& giggles

Tomorrow: Work at 11AM. Gotta wake up before 3pm. Not fair.
To be completely fair, though, Ihave been staying up until at least 4AM without getting the slightest bit sleepy. I'm a vampire. We just don't know it yet.
I seriously do think I am nocturnal, though. I'm allergic to the sun. If it's too bright when I walk out of the house, I can't stop sneezing. I burn easily, and I'd much rather be out when it's dark.
But.. that's neither here nor there.
Sun= me no likey

Tomorrow, though, I hope to go see Timeline. I like Michael Chriton's stuff. I'm not his biggest fan or anything, but it's ok. It's a fun read.. but it's kind of obvious that he sets up every book like he's expecting a movie deal for it right around the corner. They're all written like they're itching to be translated to screenplays. Timeline was a really fun book, though. I think it's hilarious, however, because everytime I read a Chriton book, a few months later, I see a trailer for it. I read timeline last year.. just a few months before teaser trailers came out. I picked up Jurassic park roughly around the same time I heard about a movie for that one, too. I didn't read Eaters of the Dead before 13th Warrior, though. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? haha.. Anyway.. like I said.. not THAT big of a fan.. but I have read some of the stuff, and I thought Timeline was really cool.
So.. that's out on video.. but it's really only tiding me over until Tues. What happens Tues??
PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN ON DVD! Oh holy moly. I'm just going to sit in a little room with a big screen and watch Mr. Depp and pirates, zombies, explosions, and a monkey until I can no longer handle it. I swear. Once you think about it, this movie has everything.
And It will be mine!! I have to work tomorrow, and I will probably br grumpy from having to wake up around 9:30 AM... so I don't know if I want to try and make a midnight release.. After all.. it doesn't do me a whole lot of good to stay up late and buy the movie at midnight when I'll probably be too sleepy to watch it..
I don't know. It's awfully tempting.
I also need to get started on my costume for Ushicon. Gotta buy some fabric. I need to try to budget a little bit, though, because Christmas is right around the corner. Shouldn't be too bad this year, though, because I'm not wasting ANY money getting those Dallas deadbeats anything.. especially since I can hardly call them freinds anymore for how little they talk to me. (The very few exceptions should know who they are, so stuff it :P ) I think I've pulled away from being as materialistic as I was when I was in college, but I'm not going to ruin people's Christmas fun by refusing to buy people useless-yet-amusing stuff for Christmas. My anti-consumerism day was the big shopping day after Thanksgiving. I sat on my ass and played videogames, so you stuff it too :P ha! In any case.. that aside.. I still have to shop for some family members and close freinds... which puts me in a bit of a position when it comes to decided & budgeting costumes.
I still can't decide if I want to do Shiva or not.. and it's because the bodysuit I want is damned expensive :/
The thing is.. if I do Shiva, I have to order the bodysuit by Jan. in the latest. Since it would be for A-kon, I don't have to have it by Feb.. but it would be NICE to have it that far in advance so I could start working on it for A-kon. Shiva would be a "major" costume if only for the ammount of painting& construction work that would go into it.
So.. I'm kind of torn. I still want to do that Yu~ki costume, but I'm having a very difficult time finding a yellow curly wig that;s not a fro.
Chacha will be easy. XD And... if deis EVER manages to convince me to do that Le Blanc costume (yeah right. Maybe if my thighs don't look like crap :P ) I would be able to use the ChaCha wig for that, with a bit of styling and cutting. But that's off in the future anyway. I'm kind of surprised with myself that I don't own ANY blonde wigs, and it seems a bit of a crime.
Oh well. Tata, loves
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