November 26th, 2003


Guilty Pleasures

Today I got my Erasure DVD.
I'm a dork, but I love these guys. They just released a new 2-DVD set with ALL.. I repeat.. *ALL* of their music videos on it.. and there are also concert clips, interviews, etc. I really couldn't be happier.. ESPECIALLY since I'd never seen any of the videos before.
That being said, I can't help but call this DVD a guilty pleasure since I don't think I know anyone who would want to watch the videos with me.. lol
All the ones I've seen for the more up-beat songs are some of the silliest videos I've ever seen.
There was also a new video on there for a new song.. and that has to have been the weirdest music video I've ever seen in my life. There's a chick.. and someone else in a ski mask.. and they're both in leiderhosen, fighting over who gets to make out with this lawn gnome... And then they go to disco. It makes no sense, but I love it.
I think.. that since iRO is down for weekly maintenance, however, I'd better turn the DVD off. Since I decided to watch it, Akuma was going to go play iRO. Since iRO is down, and he has absolutely no interest in the Erasure vids, he's gone to bed. :/ His bordom is my enemy, because when he gets bored, he goes to sleep... so if he's bored, I can't spend any time with him... if that makes any sort of sense -..-*
There was somthing else I REALLY wanted to post about. I didn't post about it right away because I was watching X-2 with Akuma.. and didn't want to get up and leave the movie. I remembered, though, that I was very much tempted to take off for a few minutes and post about it before I forgot..
But, well.. I forgot.
With that, I'll leave you all. I'm wearing my new Siouxie& the Banshees shirt. I bought it from lemoned_sakura and I'm quite enjoying the fact that this shirt does not smell like me.

OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REMEMBERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a SERIOUS WTF moment.
My cat must have dragged somthing out of hiding from the party.. I have no clue..
But I dropped a hair scrunchie on the ground, and when I was feeling around under the couch for it, I found a BLACK THONG!
Normally, this would mean bad things such as infidelity, etc. But trust me. Akuma would never cheat on me. It's not even an issue, so I thought I'd state that first.
But.. I'm pretty certain that I don't own a black thong like that. I mean.. I never really considered THAT sort of underwear until I received some from my pre-wedding panty-party.. and then later again for a costume.
But.. I was pretty darned sure that I didn't have a black thong that looked like THAT. It's in my size, though.. so I'm rather confused.
There were 2 girls at my Halloween party. One of them.. I KNOW she likes to wear thongs, but she is so incredibly stick-thin, I seriously doubt she'd wear the same size in underwear.
As for the other one..
You tell me.

Currently at my house, I have the following lost things(from the halloween party):
2 Black costume gloves. 99.9% certain they are Goat's
2 dingy white socks. Probably smell bad :P 99.9% certain they are Goat's
1 black thong, underwear size 6: um.. Goat's? Doubt it. Little help here.
1 kinda cool lighter. It's empty, but smells faintly of perfume. No clue

Now... My halloween party didn't get THAT wild.. so someone please tell me why I'm finding a black thong under my couch a month after the fact?? -..-*

I'm relatively certain that the cat found it... because it's stringy, and he likes to play with stuff like that. But.. where on earth did it come from?? I'm so confused.
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The mystery thong, part 2!!

I need to look around some more, but there's a very small chance it might be mine.. bought in a random 2-pak that I'd purchased for costume purposes. Who knows??
I'll figure this out eventually.. or find a way to explain it away so it doesn't bother me anymore.

Anyway.. it got me thinking.
I've seen the underwear of a few of my freinds! It's kind of scandalous!
yeah, right...
But, I've seen shampooza's hello kitty panties, and I've seen the panties of others on occassion... So I figured I might as well ask the rest of you.

What kind of underwear do you wear?
Do you like cotton, satin, granny panties, boxers, briefs, etc?
What's your favorite pair look like? Stripes, flowers, whitey-tighties?
So you don't feel shy, I'll share. I really like the Hanes cotton sporty underwear. It has a wide band of elastic, is relatively lowcut, and cotton is always nice. They don't crawl around, and they dont' show if I have to bend over and get somthing. (I would wear these blouses, and when I'd bend over, I was always paranoid my panty band would show at the top)
In any case... since I never plan on sleeping with any of you, this is the easiest way to get into your pants :P So spill
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