November 25th, 2003


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So.. now that I got that silly Blackwood Farm out of my system, I am going back to that silly FFX-2... the source of eternal frustration.
I'm getting to the end of all the side-missions in Chapter 5.. the final chapter. I have 3 Active Links left, and 1 chapter concluded... Moonflow. (Which is bad. It's not complete, just concluded.. which means I won't get any of the mascot costumes in this game.)
I IMAGINE that when I finish the other 3 ALs, I'll have chapter completes on them... which will bring me.. only to about 80% story completion :/
In theory, I should have had 80% at the end of chapter 4.. so I'm missing out on a bunch of major crap somewhere.. or an ASSLOAD of minor crap. I don't know.
Things I know I missed:
~~In the end, I could only calibrate 9 out of 10 towers. I still got the bonus, and I still got a complete on that area.. but that last tower probably gave me a % towards story
~~I didn't talk to Yuna-in-moogle-suit at the beginning of the game
~~I think I may have missed one of the Crimson spheres. I know there are a bunch in the Bevel 100 lvl dungeon.. so I may still get them all.. but if I missed one, that means an incomplete chapter in mushroom rock road, and Probably a couple percentage points b/c I won't be able to get in the cave.
~~I sold 9 of 10 tickets during the concert thing on the Moonflow. I think that's why I only got the concluded, and not the complete.. I think I had to sell all 10, and I screwed it up
~~I paid off O'Aka's debt, but I didn't do it until chapter 5. I think I had to get it done before Chapter 3 starts, though. Bummer. I'm so poor.
~~I've been totally flopping on the cactuar game. I'll be able to complete the quest, but I won't get the special garment grid from beating them all.
~~I don't think I'm going to manage to find that moron in the Calm Lands a wife. -..-*

I'm sure there's more.. but when I go through New Game+ mode, I'll do it all then. >..<
I don't mind so much, though, because in New Game+, I'll be able to start over will all the garment grids& dresspheres& dressphere levels I have now.
Plus, there's a FAQ that supposedly has the Ultimania guide to 100%.. and I'll just print that out. IT's not a walkthrough, just a % listing.. so It's only a page or two.
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