November 5th, 2003


Today was a cleanup day!

Today Akuma woke me up with breakfast in bed :) After we ate, we watched Finding Nemo together, and he ran off to another part of the house to take care of some stuff. I waited for him so we could go play some iRO together, but fell back asleep :(
The rest of the afternoon was devoted to dishes, and finding unusual things in unusual places... AKA cleaning up extra messes from the party. Since we kept up on it during the weekend, it wasn't really that bad.
We did have to call a plumber out on Monday and have them run a snake through our sewage. That's probably the biggest reason why we won't be able to have too many parties at the house. Our house just can't handle a large group of people abusing the toilet for the weekend. I know a lot of people were upset that they couldn't shower.. but it was backing up into both the guest and master bathtub... so... it was either clean bodies or the ability to flush the toilet. I'm sure they understood, right?

Leaves are starting to fall... which means I will have to keep up on sweeping the deck off again. It's no good to leave piles of wet leaves on a wooden deck.. even if it HAS been watersealed. I need to get up on the roof, too.. but I'm afraid of heights. We need to wrap some mesh wire around the sewage access pipes on the roof. Part of the problem we had was twigs, etc, falling in there and clogging up the pipes much more quickly than usual. I also have some degreaser stuff.. hopefully if we keep up on those two things, we can cut the cost of having to constantly call plumbers. (as it is, we don't use the garbage disposal, and we try to keep as many solids from going down the kitchen pipes as possible.) Blah. It's just a pain in the ass. Akuma is getting frustrated with the house... and I feel horrible about it. When Akuma is unhappy, I am miserable.

In happy news, though, there is a fantastic seller on ebay that often sells somewhat rare J-rock CDs. I mean.. I don't imagine they are incredibly rare.. it's just that they arn't as popular in the US, so a lot of the sellers don't even bother auctioning off some of the CDs I've purchased through her. In any case, I asked her if she could track down any D'avid suff for me.. and she found a copy of Hoshi no Hako! I told her to go ahead and tack a finder's fee on there and let me know what the total was, since I was very appreciative of her help, and it's going to be 25 bucks. Not too bad, IMO.. for what it is. I'm going to get it, but lately I've been feeling incredibly guilty about spending any kind of money. I'm going to hopefully excecise more self-control in the future.

I could ramble a little longer about how my direct deposit hasn't gone through yet, or how I'm worried about my paychecks, but none of that stuff is really much fun to listen to, so I'll spare ya.

Only 1 volume left to go on the X TV series...
I was really happy with how faithfully they'd been following the manga.. but they've kind of run out of mana, and torched any ideas of following it closely in vol.7... so I have high hopes that everyone will die a pointless and gratuitous death in vol. 8
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