October 21st, 2003


Kind of productive?

I've been doing all sorts of stuff lately... like cleaning out closets, cleaning out cabinets and re-arranging stuff.
Since I came to the conclusion ina previous post that I have entirely too much stuff, I've been thinking of ways to either get rid of it, or box it all up and hide it.
#1 on the list of too much stuff is the fabeled WALL OF FANSUBS. For a couple of years, I was fairly certain it was the largest collection of fansubs in Waco. Now people DL things, so it's kind of irrellevant.
Anyway, There were a good many tapes there that we already owned on DVD.
I managed to pull somewhere between 40-50 tapes off there. This gave me room to pull out a box of old VHS tapes that did not fit on the shelves. I put those up, and found I still had one shelf left.. so I put a bunch of J-rock CDs there that I had no room for. My recent J-rock CD aquisitions have been mostly filling out my collection, but I didn't have any room for them anymore. (Mostly Rouage, Baiser, and Buck-Tick)
So.. now that's somewhat neater.
Then, I took this wicker basket that I had from the wedding... It still has bubbles in it, and I REALLY don't know what to do with the damned thing. I'd feel bad if I threw it away, b/c I don't like to waste things, but at the moment, I don't really know what to do with it. Anyway.. I threw that into the cabinet where the VHS tapes were. That cleans up a little more clutter.
I also dumped out the contents of all my sewing buckets, and re-arranged my fabric. Now I have my fabric scraps sorted by color. My whites (including furs, brocade, and spandex) are all in one bucket.. my blacks (suitings, sheers, and vinyls mostly) are in another bucket.. and everything colored is in another one. Usually, I'll buy black& white fabics and threads even when I don't need them immediately, b/c I know I'll use them. Colored fabrics arn't like that, though. For a costume, I'll have to custom dye fabric, or buy a specific color that I can't always use for somthing else. So... The remnants that were still usable from THAT are all in a seperate bucket. Then another drawer is filled with in-progress stuff. The drawer is full, but the only things in there are: Nehelenia fabrics, Bandit King Jing fabrics, and that stupid white dress shirt I'll probably never finish.
Another drawer has one of my hakama in there, as well as a dogsuit and my Kurei mask.. and the last one is currently disorganized. It's going to be a findings & patterns bucket, but I have to sort everything out and straighten it up. I have 4 shopping bags of junk. I want to try to fit them all in there, but I really have to sort them out first.

Hmm.. oh yeah.. those tapes I pulled. I have two complete series, and then a bunch of random stuff. I'm thinking about giving them away to my guests at the Halloween party. It'll pretty much be first-come, first-serve.. and I'll be giving away the 2 series first, and letting people pick over the leftovers. There were also a few commercial tapes we have already replaced on DVD. At first, I was just thinking of giving these away, also. Then I thought.. nah... might be better to put them up on ebay... but Mako-chan gave me a good idea, and I think I will make them Iron Cosplay prizes. There are 9 commercial tapes.. which works out well. 6 of them will be 1st place prizes for Iron cosplay for the next convention. The other three will carry over to the convention after that, and will probably be supplemented by loose pokemon toys we don't need anymore. (Our pokemon phase is mostly over. Pikachu is still very cute.. and we each have our favorite pokemon.. but it's not a series we really buy toys or figures from anymore.)

My ultimate goal is making this place look a little more tidy. IT looks like an anime store exploded in the house. Personally, I think the computer room looks great like this. The computer room is fine with carded action figures pinned to the wall and loose anime figures and McFarland toys everywhere. I think I'd like to get the main living area a little more organized, though. I guess it was from watching that marathon of different house-decorating shows.. but I think that our living room is gorgeous.. it just doesn't have any sort of design or decoration right now, other than the OTAKU EXPLOSION. I don't know. If it can at least look clean and organized, I will be happy. I think I have too many figures on display. I think I'd like to bring some of the little ones into the computer room. Maybe I just have too many gashapon figures in general.. but they're way too cute to box up. I'm constantly amazed by how cool they are. I mean.. US toys that are tiny usually look kind of malformed and ugly. You get somthing that's only 2-3 inches tall, and the sculpt is messy and paint is all over the place.. like bootlegs. But Japanese gashapon toys seem so perfect. My only real gripe about them is that some of the long-legged figures tend to warp due to the top-heavy weight of the female anime figures. The legs bow, and they don't stand up because the top is too heavy, and not balanced for the tiny legs.
Usually, though, most Japanese toys I buy seem to be amazingly balanced, and able to stand up on their own better than most US figures.
Ah well. I'm done blabbering for now. If I don't get up now, I may never be motivated enough to get anything else done today.
I woke up feeling very sick,and my sinuses are just now finally starting to clear up. Might as well stir up some more dust around the house.
Worst comes to worst, I can always get motivated about halloween costumes. I still need to do a lot of work on those.
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