October 20th, 2003


Kill Bill

Or not. Kill him in the next movie. Take your time.
Yeah, yeah.. says vol.1, so I was expecting a cliffhanger.
It wasn't really a cliffhanger, but I knew the story wouldn't be finished.
To be completely honest.. I was not all that impressed by the movie.

Somewhat related.. let me giggle about somthing I read on the view askew website. Kevin Smith was talking about rumors about marketing changes on "Jersey Girl," to play down the whole "Jen and Ben" thing.
"Speaking as a guy who's about as close to this movie and the marketing plans as it gets, I can tell you that there's no truth to that story. Market the movie on me? So fucking ridiculous..."The Fourth Film by Quentin Tarantino"? THAT'S a director-driven marketing campaign. A standard "Written and Directed by Kevin Smith"? That's hardly what I'd call selling a flick on the director's back."


Oh yeah. And I just have to pimp out this quote from Jan that pretty much summarizes it much better than I possibly could.. "I liked Resevoir Dogs. I liked Pulp Fiction. I absolutely hated everything else Tarrantino has ever done and I can't stand to look at the guy or listen to him because his films and life are all about being a hyper-obsessed fanboy who cobbles stuff together from lots of other peoples original work. "


Kill Bill. Tried to be stylish. Really, it did.
Solid action.. but I'd almost have to call it a comic parody b/c of how cheesey it was. A guy turns his head. MASSIVE SOUND EFFECT. I know this was part of his "hommage" to "asian cinema," but really... please don't ask me to take this movie seriously.

Kill Bill. Hmmm
Lucy Liu speaking Japanese- kind of weird
Ultra violence- Not that great. I got bored.
Animated segment in middle of movie- kind of neat.
Hikaru Midorikawa in the credits for the animated section- priceless.

I'll see vol. 2 to finish the story up, but I'm not expecting anything that thrilling.
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