October 13th, 2003


Today was a good day :)

I hung out with freinds, had chinese, and ate a very good burger.
I spent time with freinds, consimed a small ammount of alcohol, and played DDR.
We watched Battle Royale, and got to see it on my new remastered collector's edition DVD.
When I took the trash out, the moon was bright and the sky was big. The temperature was very nice, and I felt safe and at peace. (As opposed to looking out for creepy crawlies in the dark. There are lots of those around the house. Tonight, though, it felt as if they wern't around)
I'm feeling a little sleepy.
I think I may finally be able to get a good night's rest.
Tomorrow.. or maybe the next day, I will be going up to Dallas to help a freind with a new job situation. I'd like to meet a few freinds for dinner up there, but I doubt I will be able to track them down.
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