October 7th, 2003


Cosplay panel subjects

I'm sure you all know that we run Iron Cosplay regularly at conventions. Some of you may also know that we semi-regularly run general costuming panels.
I ran one at Animefest.. and at the Ushi before that, Ringo and I hosted one together.
I know at this past NDK, Ringo and Mako also hosted one.
Our subjects change a lot depending on what we feel like talking about. Our first one (Ringo&I.. Ushi2) was about fabric choice, fiberglass, petticoats... it was basically a Q&A section to help out cosplayers.
At Animefest, I did a general rundown on how to start a costume and break it into managable peices... and I used my Millenia costume as a step-by-step example of this.
I'm thinking about topics for Ushi3... and so far, the most likely candidate was "Why you need an Emergency Cosplay Kit, and What you should put in it."
I'm thinking about doing somthing else, though..
And I wanted to know what you guys thought.
I really think I want to do a panel on EDs and cosplay. I think that Eating Disorders have a bigger impact on cosplayers than many may think. I think it's somthing that is serious enough to spend 30 minutes addressing. IT's common knowledge that Western society's current view of how a women ought to look is skewed... and I think that this also seriously impacts the cosplay community. Especially when you take into consideration how much SMALLER the ideal anime girl is.. and how many cosplayers have a poor sense of self esteem.
It's a very serious topic, and it's somthing that I would like to address seriously in a panel. It's somthing that's also pretty personal for me.
I know that there are some of you out there who will not be going to Ushicon... or any other Texas convention anytime soon.
But your opinion is appreciated. Do you think this is somthing that people will be interested in? Do you think it will be easy to get attendence at a panel like this? It's a pretty somber topic for the party-weekend atmosphere that you get at conventions, so I'm not sure. This has been shamelessly cross-posted in paperwing.
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