October 2nd, 2003


Halloween costume update

I'm about 50% finished with Akuma's black shirt. It has big happy poofy sleeves. I think they call them poet shirts, but I don;t really know where the name originated. Seems kind of silly XP
In any case.. I finished the cuffs, for the most part. I know nothing about buttonholes, so I have to figure out a creative way to close these things. Maybe I will stick grommetts in and lace them or somthing. I don't know. It's supposed to have two black cloth-covered buttons on each cuff, but I have no idea how to sew a buttonhole.... and there's no one here to teach me. All I know is that everyone says they're a pain. phhht. I guess I'll figure somthing out.
I need to try and break Akuma away from the Ragnarok for at least a little bit so that I can size the shirt on him. I added an extra panel in the front. It looks kind of weird right now, but I think it will be ok after I buy more interfacing and make it the front band where the grommetts attach. Peice of cake XP If I had anymore interfacing left, or knew how big to make it...
I guess I could just make it whatever size.. and it would probably fit.. I mean those types of shirts are supposed to fit loosely, right? In any case, it will probably look retarded b/c of the collar I am putting on it. I really just like the sleeves. I don't know the first thing about making collars, either, so it'll be exciting to see what happens when I go and buy more interfacing.
In the meantime, I guess I can work on my dress some more. I'm not PARTICULARLY looking forward to it, b/c I know that I will probably have to draft a pattern for the body of the dress. I have a decent skirt pattern, and I'm short enought that I didn't have to lengthen it. The dress needs to be a lovely unflattering baby-doll cut, and I have a skirt pattern and a shirt pattern. I think that maybe if I make the shirt fitted and shorten it, it will be ok. I also need to decide, though, if the fabric I have for the body of the dress is strong enough to hold the weight of 8 yards of skirt material... (4 out of the same fabric, 4 out of super-strong bottomweight crap to make the skirt look full and stiff and stuff) If it's not strong enough, I will have to grin*& bear it, and line the bodice with a lining or some strong cotton or somthing, so the whole thing doesn't fall apart. Just having to gather this whole mess has been a ton of fun so far, and I haven't even cut out the panels for the overskirt.
What I need to do:

~~Try and win a good pair of knee-boots on ebay. Very hard to do given the popularity of Pirate/Jack Sparrow costumes right now
~~Bid on a cheap replica/prop swept-hilt spanish rapier. If I win, I can get one of these off ebay for about 25-40 bucks. I'll probably have to make/buy a frog to hold the sword, though
~~buy more black fabric. I forgot to buy black fabric for the sash.. and I forgot to buy black fabric for the bandanna. The shirt is made out of this wonderful mock-silk fabric that flows and looks spiffy. I need to find somthing SIMILAR but with a different texture for the sash, and add some tassles or some crap to the end.. and then I need somthing.. maybe a cotton/lycra blend for the bandanna. Or maybe some stretchy suiting.. I need somthing with some give to it.. a matte appearance, but can be starched into pointy ends for the bandanna. Whee!
~~Make red dress o..O er.. yeah

And... I've been sort of guilted into helping the store manager make/find some sort of coat for his Morpheus (Matrix) costume for Halloween. I told him it probably couldn't be done in time for halloween.. and doubtful if it could be done cheaply at all, if he wanted it to look good.
Then I found a crappy halloween one that doesn't really look THAT bad.. and it's 20 bucks. Maybe I can tell him about it and not have to worry too much about it. I agreed to do it myself, so it's my own fault. But I don't know if I can find anything suitable to make the coat out of.. let alone get it done in time for Halloween.. have to wait and see. I don't think the coat will be THAT difficult.. but you guys know me. I'm slow to motivate, and get lazy in the middle of projects. Since I've already got 2 projects started, and agreed to a 3rd I need to give myself tons of time to procrastinate and bitch.

Non-costume related rambling

I've been bidding on CDs on Ebay like crazy lately. There are some really good sellers out there who have 3-12 item lots of CDs. I've snagged most of my Buck-Tick CD collection this way.. and I won 3 L'arc/Hyde CDs in this manner for about 8 bucks for the lot of them. If I remember correctly, it's a full length L'arc CD that we don't have.. and then 2 Hyde solo CDs or some nonsense like that. IT doesn't matter, b/c I don't have it, and it was cheap, and it's somthing I'm relatively certain I'll like. I know it wasn't Roetengen.. which I really do want to eventually get... but anyway.. yeah.
I think I've almost got a full Rouage CD collection? Gotta check on that. I realized the other day that I actually DO have a copy of Bible. I was hunting for one, and then I realized that I'd gotten what I'm pretty sure is a 1st press a few months back. So.. I've got Bible, Soup, and Mind, as well as a few CD singles. -312604806- Is up on ebay right now, and I know I don't have Children.. but anyway.. aside from those two, that's most of their core discography, right?
Now that J-rock in general has started to take off, it's a lot easier to find some of these CDs cheap on ebay. Sure.. I could get most of them from CD Japan.. or if I was really desperate, HMV or Third Stage... but getting them brand-new overseas is expensive. I pre-order important things from CD Japan when I remember to (New Dir En Grey and Lareine CDs that Moi dix Mois CD.. though I missed the New Sodomy CD and this past Lareine CD...) but most of the time now, I pick up bargain lots of stuff on ebay. Thankfully, I have most of the stuff that people are fighting over (Uh.. Malice Mizer and Dir en Grey.. Hide and core LunaSea& L'arc albums)or I'm not interested in it that much (Key Party tapes, Anything with "Miavi/Miabi" in the label, expensive VHS box sets, bootleg photos& posters)... and this has really allowed me to backpedal and pick up some bands I'd passed over..
Like Rouage and Buck-Tick! :D Fantastic bands. I'd only picked up Rouage's Soup, and a few Buck-Tick greatest hits collections in the past, and now I can go back and pick everything else up.
Not too long ago, I managed to pick up a 1st press of Baiser's Terre super-cheap, and I'm always happy picking up Fantatic Crisis CD singles.
I'm really just rambling XP But I'm in Happy-LAnd right now, so deal with it.
Oh yeah! I picked up a Je Reviens CD the other day, too. They're pretty good, but the vocalist grated on my nerves occassionally. They had some songs that worked really well, and some that didn't.
And I also got a 1st press of DeG's new CD, Vulger not too long ago. Pre-ordered through CD Japan, blahblahblah
In any case.. I didn't really like Kisou or the six Ugly stuff that much.. but I like Vulgar :) You really just have to be in the mood for DeG, I guess. So angry and thrashy, etcetc. So, lately, I've been in a Happy mood, so It's Lareine& L'arc en Ciel in the car, and odd videogame remixes on the playlist at home (courtesy of overclocked)

So.. in conclusion..
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