September 7th, 2003


Minor rant is doing a Chii look alike contest. It's kind of cute...
in any case.. each entry opens in a new window so you can compare them. The idea is to choose the one that you think most looks like Chii. While I don't really cosplay for the same reasons..... (ie- to look exactly like the character. I like my costume to be as accurate as possible. But, if I did every costume to look EXACTLY LIKE THE CHARACTER, I wouldn't cosplay. There are very few cosplayers I know who are pretty enough to pull that sort of thing off) I figured it wouldnt' hurt to check out the entries and maybe vote on them.

Now.. having read every volume of the manga (except for the last one)
And having seen the first few volumes of the anime...

My MAIN impression of Chii is that she is CUTE.
She's supposed to be CUTE. If she is seen as sexy it is because she is innocent and CUTE.
People who want to look sultry and slutty usually cosplay as Freya, which is fine, I guess.. but Chi is supposed to be CUTE :(
I am so sad.. because a lot of these Chii entries are cosplayers with pretty nice costumes, looking very not cute :( It's like... Lime vs. Bloodberry, you know?

Edit: I have finished looking at all the entries. I don't think I am going to vote :( The ones with stellar costumes didn't pull off the cute look well, and the ones that had the really cute look didn't have the stellar costumes. The freyas all looked adquately slutty and evil, though XP Kind of, but not quite the same as Chii. There was one that came really close.. I would have been very very very impressed, however, if she'd managed to find a cream colored satin with a rose tint to it :( I am getting old and crochety. That is for certain.
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