August 12th, 2003


How many times have you heard me talk about this?

I know. The idiocy of fangirls is nothing new. Neither is my distaste for the fangirls on the Cult of Kyo ML...

But now they're getting worked up over what looks like an Austrailian newspaper article about some ignorant hick's trip to Japan.
Basically, he said that the gothy kids in Harajuku are freaky, and that they all are part of this groupie cult that follow the band X-Japan... a band that broke up when the lead singer committed suicide.

Someone had better inform Toshi that he killed himself, because I doubt he's aware of it :P

In all seriousness, though...

I think it's kind of pointless to get so worked up about it. His "journalism" and screwed up facts are the only things I really see offensive. People disliking cosplay is nothing new. Then again.. he didn't know it was cosplay. He thought they were gothy groupies and Yamamba girls o..O Well, whatever man....

But now they're getting all worked up b/c he said that cosplay (or what his limited understanding of what was going on.. that could be construed as cosplay) is freaky.

Well... yeah, it is. Cosplay is kind of like "otaku" Neither, in their original usage, have much of a positive connotation in Japan. Your average person thinks of cosplay.. and they think of prostitutes in nurse costumes and horny bald guys in monkey suits. The ones that are into the anime scene will think of cosplay in more of an anime-themed thing... But anyway.

Yes, grown people dressing up like cartoon characters and prancing around gatherings of fanboys... sorry.. that's kinda weird by normal standards :P
It may not be freaky for you, personally, but traditionally, these things are looked at in reference to the greater whole.. and if your average person thinks it's kinda weird, then you just have to admit you have a weird hobby. It doesn't make it bad, though. It's just when people put a negative spin on such things... It all boils down to conformity. I don't really see why they're getting so worked up about things... :/
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Ok, Lame

Yes, two posts in one day. This means that everyone (Save Amy :P ) Will forget that the earlier one ever happened.



Costumes for Animefest:

Rabi~en~Rose: I love this costume too much. I need to wear it again. I think it will be a good Iron Cosplay costume. Besides.. Rabi is ALWAYS a fan favorite. I need to find my Gema.

Noble: As usual, my season J-rock costume as my token J-rock costume. Besides.. this one is a VERY fun costume. (No one will ever know I'm drunk :X )

Dominique the Cyclops: Finally found a trenchcoat. Reasonable price.. more than I wanted to pay, but now I'm desperate to finish this beast. As soon as I finish my mecha eyepatch thing and buy a new dress shirt, the costume is as good as finished. I think maybe I need to find a black bustier, though, because a regular black bra is not quite accurate. Need a black one just like my Rabi bra....

Ragnarok Online female thief: I haven't started this one, but I have all the fabric. I have to do it now, because I've nearly finished N-kun's Mage cloak. Besides.. headgear... T..T

Millenia: This one is definitely getting another wear. I just need to start repairs on both Rabi and Millenia ASAP. I will probably wear this one Sat or Sun. I haven't decided yet. It's a very fun costume, though, and I VERY much look forward to wearing the wig again. Due to my current circumstances at AF, I will not be competing, though. (shikushiku. I need to retire from competative cosplay!)

4 day convention.. 5 costumes... I think that I need more...I need to decide on older ones I may bring with me... I doubt I'll be making another new one, unless it's a closet costume.. because I am already making 5 new costumes for AF if you count the ones I'm doing for N-kun... even though they are all very easy costumes.. but still. (Dominique, female theif, male mage, Zazi the beast.. and probably Bandit King Jing. I bought the yellow for the jacket, but I still need to get HIM to get a wig.. and we need to get vinyl for the belts)

I think.. if I can get N-kun over today to do some reference work on Zazi and fittings done on the mage cloak.. I can probably have his cloak finished today.. and prelim work done on Zazi. And maybe next week, we can get a wig in the works. After seeing Gren's Sora wig, though, I'm seriously thinking about contacting her for commission.. because wigs with spikes scare me.

I know that if I drag an older costume out of the closet it will NOT be: Mana, Machi (Already have Noble.. only wear 1 token J-rock costume per con) Tifa (I don't like it.. and besides.. I'm tearing it apart for the thief costume.. and I'm mailing what's left to Celine eventually) Bloodberry (The harness needs to be remade yet AGAIN.. and I would have no help taping my chest) and most likely not Silky. See... I also try to keep the bulky costumes down per convention. Noble is already pretty bulky just because the costume is huge.. and I can't bring those damned shoulder balls for Silky because I have Millenia to worry about.

So.. I'm thinking maybe Hogwarts Slytherin Prefect (I guess it's a Pansy Parkinson costume now XP Though she's supposed to be quite ugly) That Hogwarts costume.. amazingly.. has had much more repeat wear than most of my other costumes!
I kind of want to bring out Sarasa now that the manga is out in the US.. but I haven't been able to find her cape thingie. (A good thing, IMO, since if I'd found it two days ago, I would have cut it up for the panel I lacked in the male mage cloak) However.. my hair is now impossibly long for Sarasa.. and I really need.. like.. a Tina-Turner poodle wig. Well.. Halloween stuff SHOULD be on the shelves now... hmmmmmm

In any case...

Won't wear my Izawa costume because I wore it last year& got an award with it... Won't wear Kurei (wore last year) but I'll probably try to convince N-kun to wear it.. HEHEHEHEHEHEH
I may wear Babbit.. that was a fun costume XD But I think the mask needs to get repainted.

Can't wear Eboshi, b/c I took the wig down...

Any ideas? requests? Last minute suggestions for a quick costume??
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