June 23rd, 2003


Gackt selling hot dogs!

I bought a new manga on a whim Friday night when I went to the Harry Potter midnight release party for book 5.
It looked pretty interesting, and the art was gorgeous, but I didn't flip through it much because of the hype for the book.
Well, now that I've finished book5, I decided to check out the manga I bought, titled Under the Glass Moon. It's a Korean manga about magic, sorcerers, witches, etc.. and seemed to fit in perfectly with Harry Potter night.. bwaha.
I encourage all VK fans to pick up a copy of this one!
From the looks of things on the Tokyopop website, vol2 is either out, or about to be released.. and vol 1 is, obviously, out already.
Why should VK fans pick this up?
Let me drag out these freshly scanned images....(poor as they are..)
Oh wait.. could it be?!?
With a nosebleed... who...?
Biggest Shouta-con I've ever seen....
Now that's more like it...
I know I've seen that outfit somewhere before... and wait.. who's Madame's best freind?? Let's go buy a hot dog, kids!
And a panty shot just for Zoi
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