May 4th, 2003


A few days later...

I wond a hard metal DDR pad on ebay for only 31 bucks! Go me. Unfortunately, I spent 76 in total b/c it's so damndably (if it's not a word, it is now)heavy. Oh well.
I haven't done much costume stuff lately. iRO is back online.
I will get lots more done when my guest comes back to visit, though ~..^ A-kon... it's so close, and I feel so lost.
I haven't had a whole lot of success with as far as jobs go. I'm going to start calling the places I filled out online applications for Monday and see if they even received the applications.
I'd like somthing ASAP.. but ideally, I'd like to wait to start until after A-kon.
iRO is kind of sucking right now. It's frustrating me to no end. So many Kill Steals& looters. It feels like there are always 50-150 players per SCREEN, so you're lucky if you can even find somthing to kill. It's because this beta was free, I think. If we were paying for it, people would be behaving themselves better, b/c they're paying for the privilage to mess around on gravity's game. I mean, it's not like there wern't assholes on it last beta.. but there were a hell of a lot FEWER assholes.

I really want to see X2. I love nightcrawler. I don't know when we're going to go, though. M says monday. Will have to wait and see.

Stupid cat still has flea(s). They just migrated so they'd be harder to find. I think he got them from the vet's. We'll go out and get stuff tomorrow so we can medicate his ass.

Maybe rent a movie tomorrow, too.

I'm in a very fat mood. And I'm grouchy. >:(
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Heh. I'm bad.
I don't know why, but I am HIDEOUSLY amused by the thought of owning a pad of TMR paper. He looks 8. I love it. (And yes, I was bidding on that JUST for the TMR paper, but there's lots of other cool stuff in there, too)

Oh well. Back to iRO.
Anyone on Loki is more than welcome to stop by and say hi. I'm playing my babyAco, Noble.
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