April 26th, 2003


I did stuff today.

Yes, stuff.
Among which was managing to slice my finger open pretty well with my sharp sharp fabric shears XP
At least it didn't hurt, b/c the scissors were so sharp.

I've been working on my millenia leggings. They're really tricky because the fabric doesn't have any stretch to it, and they're cut in odd ways. So, right now, I have one lower legging done (I haven't worked on the gauzy portions yet)... but it's a little too big. I didn't run a seam down the front. They were all one peice.. but since there's binding up the back already, I'm thinking about stitching it in on the front. The nap hides things pretty well anyway, so I think they'll look good. I may have to re-do a small section on the top middle, though, if I do need to bring it in at all, so we'll see.
I'll be running some wire through the top, and I'm thinking about running some rat tail or cord of some kind through the top so I can tie it tightly to stay in place. If not, it will get creatively pinned to my hose in an experiment. (Since that will most likely cause hideous runs, I'm hoping the drawstring method will work well. Since the leggings will not be that baggy, it should look fine.)
It's taking a while to get the binding clipped and turned neatly around all the diamond shapes and rough edgesI'm excited to see them done... But it's so hard to beleive there is so much left to do! >..< I'm thinking I have to go down to the fabric store soon, too. I don't think I have ANY black lining material for this blasted jacket (Unfortunately). The jacket will be fun... >..< I'm still not entirely certain how I will get the shouler parts to stay open. Probably some foam over wire mesh or somthing, right? >..< I don't know.
But I'll tell you what... once I get it figured out, there will be NO MYSTERY to perfect Excel-saga sleeves. I also need to make about 20 covered buttons. I bought a little button-making kit, but it only came with 4, so I need to buy a big package of them. It looks like there's damn near 10 buttons on each sleeve!!!
Oh.. and I also need about an 1/8th of a yard of black velvet. Not much at all... I'll probably cheat with somthing cheap if I find somthing that will work.
I'm nervous about the jacket.
I won't start that until the leggings fit well, though.. regardless. Gotta get that airbrush up and running...

Oh! look what piratemiisha said! " I also pluck my nose hairs. Not like I have a forest, but I think it's more elegant to look up someone's nose and not see hair...or boogers--because with no hair, boogers have nothing to cling to. But then when my nose is runny, it jsut all falls out like a drain, because of the fact that the snot has nothing to cling to. "
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