April 9th, 2003


Stagnation! Whee!

I can honestly say that I did almost nothing productive today. (Hey.. I emptied the cat litter and did the dishes....)
Let's see.. I overslept... and then I zoned out in various spots in the house... THOUGHT about finishing some costume stuff.. but I didn't actually do anything.. -..-** And then I played a little Azure Dreams on the new GbaSP. Cool Toy. But the GB game made me want to play the PSX version, and not the silly GBA version.. so I spent a few hours trying to figure out where I could play it. (Sadly, we don't have a real copy of the game. Only a burn. I want a real copy of the game, though...) So.. I had to re-hook the PSX in the bedroom, and find my game, etcetcetc. Then, I stagnated in the bedroom for a while. I got my FLAME monster to evolve into an IFREET, though! And I solved the windmill quest. I need to get more girlfreinds in that game, though..I think I only have 5...
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Not as much today

Not quite as much.
I woke up much earlier, sewed a little bit, and I think I had somthing to do with clean dishes, too, but I don't remember. I still need to get my Aunt's mailing address... I was going to mail a thank you card to her up to Grandma, but forgot to include it. Now I have to mail her one seperately.
I also still need to mail thank you letters to my caterer, the arboretum, etc.
I need to order the fabric for my noble costume. I haven't done it yet. I was going to do it earlier today, but over en the UK, the fabric place is closed >..< I need to call between the hours of 3:15 am-noon. I was about 2 hours two late today.. but I can call late tonight, or tomorrow morning... as long as I get it here by the end of the month, I'll be good. Otherwise, I wont' be able to get the costume done in time, I think. Or, I'll have to improvise, and use the really short pile fur that Hancock sells. It would be kinda lame that way. If it were that same texture and ORANGE, I could make the bastardized moogle costume Noble wears. That would be happy, too. But the fur at Hancock's is yellow. And not longhair. I can get longhair from the UK place, but I need to call at odd hours, and probably pay exorbant ammounts in shipping. We'll see. >..<
I was hoping my hakama would come in today, so I could work on my Eboshi costume some more. I still need sandals for it. People keep outbidding me on the geta I find on the net. They ought to leave me alone! Mou! I can't use geta that are too modern-looking! XP And I don't want to pay a fortune for them, either. Worst case senario: I can't find anything, and have to color the straps of my platform sandals black with a sharpee. They have what looks like a bamboo-base, and they're very comfortable, so in a pinch, they'll work.

And Millenia.. Oi.. there's still a LOT to do there. I should work on that tonight, too. I bet I can get the "loincloth" done, and maybe get more progress on the undergarment. Then, I'd actually be able to take some in-progress pictures for the site! How about that??

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