April 7th, 2003



I was updating and now I'm not? IT went poof, and now it's gone, and with it went my inspiration for writing anything more XP

Except.. by the time Millenia's finished, I will never want to hand-stitch again! T..T


Well, I whined in the direction of Amy Black the other night. Yay Amy! Now I don't need to crucify myself by whining about said fangirl. Or, I could always write a little story and insert funny names like Cosmic does. That could work XP
But due to the nature of her whiney-ness, everyone would know who she was anyway XD

Ugh.. I can't beleive I just woke up. I feel like I've wasted the whole day.
I didn't, really... I mean, I went to work, etc. I just could't get to sleep last night, so I stayed up all night, showered, and then took a light (30 min or so) nap until I had to be at work at 6am. Then, I trained the guy who will take my place, and finished everything up super-early today. (Really.. how can I get scheduled for 16 hours, and do that ammount of work in 4?) So.. when I finished I came home. I didn't realize how sleepy I was.. and M-kun didn't wake me up... so I slept in for a LONG TIME XD I really only slept for 5 hours, which isn't bad, considering.. but I feel like I've wasted a whole day. I will have to wait until to tomorrow to drive around for a job. I need to re-do my resume. I finished it, and was moderately proud of it.. but when I re-read it, it sounded absolutely rediculous. I KNOW that I can make my limited job experience and college education sound better than that. T..T Right?
A lot of people are hiring book keepers, etc. I don't know the quickbooks program. I have a feeling that all I'd need to do it learn that program, and learn it well.. and I wouldn't even have to worry about job experience. Good pay there, too! I just want a good officy-type job that can utilize the skills I do have. Lots of solid computer background, fast typing...rudimentary knowledge of most of the MS Office suite... (But I don't know Quicken or Quickbooks. Thank you, you useless Baylor business computer course) It would be nice if they could use ANY of my training as an anthropologist, but I know that's completely bogus. I feel like dressing up in my best businessy-type stuff and going from bank office complex to bank office complex, spreading my resumes like some sick disease, and begging for anything that isn't retail.
Khet seems really lucky. She has a lot of skills already that make her very hirable. I note this, b/c a lot of her posts talk about work-related stuff, and the ammount of things that she is capable just impresses me to no end. If I could just get in somewhere that was willing to teach me, I know I would do well. I pick up on things quickly, and I'm willing to learn. I've now learned that college is completely useless. It gives you a fancy peice of paper and keeps you from following your dreams by burdening you with debt. The best part is.. you learn damn near nothing, and by the time you get out, if you're not specialized in accounting, pre med, pre law, etc... there's not really anything for you to do.
I don't want to succumb to another crappy retail job T..T (Though I would work at Celine's store if it ment I could costume video game characters all day XD )
I wonder if I should go pester game stop and ask them for a job.. and then ask them if I can wear costumes to said job XD I guarantee it'll bring in curious people!
Oi... I really only want a job so I can pay off my student loans and retire. That way I can get back to life.. and what I really like to do... costuming. I wonder if your typical office job would be kind enough to let me go to 3 conventions a year XP
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Eboshi almost done?!?!?

I got my wig in today for my Lady Eboshi costume. It's gorgeous! I won a bid off a seller on ebay.. I think it was one Ringo had reccommended. I got a jet black wig that looks very similar to Ringo's Sasha wig, and it looks beautiful. It has an adjustable cap with a skin top at the forehead, and peaks on the sideburns. It's going to be a shame to cut (But I'm not cutting it much) but it'll work wonderfully. I'm hoping that I can get everything to sit and stay without any sort of shellac, etc.. b/c this wig is very nice. IT'll be perfect to reuse over and over for other costumes (If I do anything else that requires black hair) I'm a little bit concerned about how I am going to keep it sitting up how it is supposed to...but I may be able to sew it down by placing a few stitches through the wig cap. Then, it won't be permanent. I'm having a somewhat difficult time of it, though, b/c I don't have a wig head stand, and the wig is rather long.. so even on a wig head, it's tricky to work with. I've separated one sideburn already. That's where the cut has to be made. I need to cut it straight into a Japanese princess cut.. then, I take the back and pull it into a ponytail. Then, I double the ponytail over so the tips of the wig hang over my forehead like bangs. And that, kiddos, is how it's done accurately. The trick is getting it to stay that way, and look slick. Before I play with the wig, though, I need to make the orange under-kimono, fit it with the hakama, and make the big haori-type jacket.