March 30th, 2003



Too many physical ailments at once, I tell you!
>..< This is, singlehandedly, the WORST sinus infection I've had in a long time. M was a real sweetie, though and woke me up with a glass of orangejuice. (Not over my head, mind you. He just kinda nudged me until I woke up and gave it to me.)
Nothing is getting rid of it. >..< I hope it passes, though, b/c I absolutely hate having to take medication for anything. (Save my happy monthly visitor, as I have learned the wonderous powers of Alieve.)

I'm working on costumes today, bored out of my mind. I'm getting progress done on my shoes. I think? I don't know. I figured I can split the boots straight down the front, and that way I won't have to cut off the extra PVC. It gives the shoe enough body.. I think if I cover it with a cuff, it will look perfect. In any case, I'm still struggling with the gold part on the back. It will NOT look like shit. I'm too much of a perfectionist. (Though I must admit, I'm very proud of the pattern I drafted for the heel. So little of it is visible in the photos)
I'm also working on hemming and gluing the suede to the shoe. The trim I bought works marvelously, despite the fact it is a little bit larger and a lot more metallic-shiny than I wanted.

After everything dries and sets, I'll work on the other 3-4 suede peices per shoe. I'm still figuring out how I'm going to cover up my fake cuffs. I'm sure it will be absolutely ingenious and over-complicated in the end.

I bought Devilman Lady vol. 1 today. I saw the first two episodes of if in Milwaukee at gencon, fansubbed about 3-4 years ago. I've never been a big fan of Go Nagai stuff, but I like this one. It's called "The Devil Lady" here in the US, though. I guess Devilman Lady was too much engrish XD

I really want to go watch spirited away T..T I know we have the DVD pre-ordered, and it will come to our house right after being released.. (But lately amazon's been reallyt shitty.. so we'll probably get it 1-3 weeks after it's been released) But I really want to see it on the big screen. No one is available when I am to go see it, though.

I'm still working on thank-you cards, and tonight I actually have to open the wordprocessor up again to write my letter of resignation to Hastings. School has made me hate even writing the littlest of things now.

I wonder if glue or paint have dried on those shoes yet.. those heels are a menace, and if they don't dry soon, I can't do anything else with them. MaybeI should try calling N again to see if he wants to see a movie. T..T

I forgot to mention- When I went out and ran all my errands yesterday, I bought two things:
JTHM: Director's cut graphic novel. yay!
Sandman Vol 3: Dream Country.

Now, I can finally read all of the Sandman series in sequence. I LOVE this series. I have totally and utterly been in love with it for years. I've read all of it, all completely out of sequence. It was still running. The Kindly ones had been published, but not the Wake.. so, it was kind of ok to read them out of sequence. It didn't mess me up too much.
But, now that I read them all together, they blow my mind even more. The way these characters are conneced together.. it's all too incredible. It touches on so many things that ring true...all the characters are so beleivable, it's easy to lose yourself in the story.
I've re-read everything through brief lives. Now, everything goes downhill. Not in quality, but these last chapters always pain me. Towards the end, you can see the gears in motion. You couldn't before, b/c you were always really close to one particular cog. But, now it's much easier to see the big picture, and how the protagonist got there, and it's painful. Such good drama! T..T In any case... I skipped the kindly ones (Read it millions of times) and thumbed through the wake.. I didn't even read it closely, and it still brought tears to my eyes. I need to get the courage to just sit down and read through the kindly ones through the Wake (3 or 4 books.. there's a side-story book about the tavern at the end of the world, but it has relative plot elements in it as well) But.. I just know it's going to make me cry again T..T

Now, the guy at the comic book store tells me that Dream of the Endless (previously Daniel) has somehow merged with Lucifer! To tell the truth, I never followed anything past the wake.
I felt like Matthew the Raven. "He" was MY Dream. This Dream is not my dream, even though they are the same Dream. Same entity, different point of view, I think they said. I haven't given the new Dream much of a chance, but if someone lent me a graphic novel, I'd eat it up and digest on it for a while. Sounds weird.. what they are doing with the characters. I don't even know who is writing the new volumes (Though I heard it's not Gaiman? Dunno..). Just haven't read them. My Dream is gone T..T

Ah well.. back to work...
And for you, my freinds, a parting word:

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