March 11th, 2003


And now that I'm rested a bit...

It's been a few days since the event, and I've had a (small) chance to rest up. I worked yesterday&today at 6am.. which wasn't much fun, but I get to sleep in tomorrow, and take care of LOTS of stuff.
Friday was kind of hectic... the finishing touches (A big happy bow a la Mako-chan) were put on the dress, and other random things were taken care of. The arboretum had said in the past that tablecloths wouldn't be a problem, so I hadn't worried about them. The arboretum pretty much said that they'd have basic ones I could use. I figured I'd check on it on Friday just in case... And that was a good thing, because the arboretum had decided against getting their own tablecloths!! This left us very little time to get some.. so I figured I'd call my caterer. She's asked me a few times in the past to see if I needed some, so I thought she might have some I could use. She didn't.. because she usually rented hers from the rental companies XP She was very helpful, though, and told me where I could find them. Unfortunately, when I tried calling Friday afternoon, (about 5:05) They'd already closed for the day. We had two options- buy cheap 3 dollar plastic ones from a party store... or try calling the rental place when they opened at 7 am. I had M check on that for me, and we managed to get nice cloth tablecloths for the wedding! Yay!

On Sat. morning, I woke up kind of late, and sat around the house in a bit of a daze. I ended up helping tie up the "party favors" (Bubbles that we never got around to using)until my mom's side of the family arrived to help with everything.
When they got here, Grandma helped me out by doing my hair& makeup for me while everyone else took off to decorate. Now.. as anal as I may be about costumes, and as much of a control freak as I sometimes feel I am, it was really nice having my family help out so much. Grandma did a fantastic job on my hair. I only wish I could have gotten a better look! (There are pictures, so hey, right? :)
We started running around to get everything set, and then took off to the arboretum around 2:30 for pictures. That all went well, and more people started to arrive. The ceremony was very simple. I didn't even play music. The was a slightly cool& windy overcast day, but right when we began the procession to the gazebo, the sun broke out. The ceremony went well. M said he managed to hold it together for me ~..^ The judge mispronounced both of our names, and I tried really hard not to giggle everytime she said my last name or M's. (Which will be mine, too, as soon as I figure out where I need to go for the legal name change)
Then, it was on to the reception. Everything went so smoothly, and my caterer was fantastic! I feel like writing an essay about how awesome she was... but I'll save that for the thank-you note.. heh.
I don't have the pictures uploaded to the FTP yet, but I do beleive Ringo has a few up.
I would post more.. but I'm still awfully tired. I can see now why they take the honeymoon right away....
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