February 21st, 2003


RO! Sometimes...

I started a game of Ragnarok online today. Sort-of.
I've had problem after problem with getting it to work.
I downloaded it when I registered earlier, to make things easier. I had to wait 4 days for them to open the server, but that's cool. I had my char. set up.
The game keeps erroring out trying to DL this christmas stuff. I had to uninstall the program, re-download it, and install it again.. and even then, I had to cancel out of the screen that says that the program has changed (which immediately takes me to the christmas screen that locks me up)

After I got around that, I started up a character. I got entirely through the training area when I found out that I'd missed the opportunity to change my character's appearance. Oh well >..<
So.. it gives me so potions for picking the professions I quizzed out of, and promptly said I was disconnected from the server.
I haven't been able to get back on with that character since.

I figured that would be ok, though.. I'd just take the opportunity to start a new character with a new appearance and hope that it wouldn't lock up again.
I couldn't figure out what to name my char, though... >..<

So, I figured I'd just delete my old one and use that name.. but now RO isn't recognizing any of my email addresses so I can't delete it.

And everytime I try to load the old one I just get "disconnected from server" IMMEDIATELY. BWAH!

Maybe I'll just think of some dumb name and see if it works T..T
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Just when I think I have everything figured out...

They close the servers for 20 min. lol. Ah well. I'll be back... MARK IT.. I'LL BE BACK! MWAHAHAHAHA

Ahem. XD

If anyone wants to see a funny little noob, you can find me on RO. It's kind of neat. I might get addicted. The name is Noble.
(Like the fuzzy yellow monster-thing from Pleur)
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