February 15th, 2003


well.. I feel kind of accomplished!

I finished peicing together the bodice tonight. I still need to peice together the lining, but that shouldn't take long at all.
I don't know.. I'm still not 100% happy with the neck line.. but I'm a lot happier with it than it was before. I think it sits kinda funny.. but that might just be because I'm having issues sizing the damn thing. I would put the zipper in, but I'm not putting the zipper in until I put the lining on. I want it to have a really clean, finished look, both inside and out... which means the lining goes on first. Then the zipper. Besides.. I don't know how to put zippers in! ( I wonder if I even bought one for the dress, yet... )
In any case, the bodice is pretty much finished. I need to cut out the sleeves, though. I still need to experiment, b/c I'm having to modify the old sleeve pattern from the old dress, and it's ALLL messed up. It shouldn't take too long to get straightened out, but I don't feel like messing with it today. Maybe tomorrow. If Ringo makes it over, I'll have her help me size everything, and then help get started on the skirt! Mwah!
I really wanted to call a freind of mine today. He seemed kind of down about Valentine's.. and I wanted to try and cheer him up, but my cel phone (with his cel number in it) was dead T..T Sorry Jeff.. I really was going to call you!!!
More dress stuff~~
I need to pull out the skirt pattern and see how this silly thing is supposed to be assembled. I can do the cutaway pattern with another panel of satin.. and I'm thinking about finding a layer of patterned chiffon/organza/somthing to put there that will match the brocade, but look softer& more subdued. I'm thinking a nice gauzy material would do it. IT woudlnt' even need a pattern, really. (Maybe some gold sparklies.. whee!) But, then, I wouldn't have to modify the pattern, and it would make the dress more interesting in the front. I still need to re-design the back.. but I'm not sure what I can do yet. Someone needs to close it up while I'm in it.. and then we can cut it as low as my corset goes.
I think I may want to cut the front neckline down some, too. Shoudlnt' be a problem, right? XD
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Another busy day

Well, it's... uh...12:32. And I've finished the lining for the bodice. I think I may take a quick lunch break, and then I need to work on the sleeves. After I get the sleeve pattern hammered out... (I was still having problems with the length of the shoulders. Shouldn't be a problem, b/c I still have my muslin mock-up of the bodice, so I can sew and re-sew if nessesary) I need to make the top of the sleeve look more like a parabola, and less like two parabolas. Unfortunately, the sleeve pattern that came with the dress was retarded :P
It was made for a poofy. I decided at the last minute that I didn't want poofies at all, so gone are the poofy. Unfortunately, that leaves me with a really oddly-shaped sleeve top. It doesn't look like a normal sleeve top.. so making it look right is my next task. When that's done, then I work on making a pattern from scratch for the bell sleeves. Shouldn't be too tough. I only want ONE seam going down them, though. I don't want a seam to show on the top, so I can only have one on the bottom. Gotta make sure to do this the most fabric-efficient way. Then, I can cut two out of brocade, and two out of satin. Don't know if I want to interface the bell sleeves or not, though. I think I may want to.. but not with the heavy interfacing I put in the bodice. Somthing lighter, I think. May need to go out to Jo Anne's... >..<
Then, it's all about the skirt and the two hip-bustles. If I can get all that done, and everything hemmed, I MAY even have time to decorate it with stuff.
I still probably need to go to Jo Anne's anyway to look for somthing to put on top of the satin in the cut-away panel, though... may need to go to Hancock's. That's ok, though, b/c Hancock's is having a sale.
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