January 27th, 2003


Oh no!

I don't think I'll have enough time to do a complete dress-down of bloodberry before Ushi. This means that I won't be wearing it to the Ghetto panel, since I don't know how long it will take. That's ok, though, b/c we have plans for costumes for that, anyway. ^..^
Before Ushi.. I need to remember to shave my arms. Weird, I know.. but the liquid latex will hurt like a bizzzzatch if I try to peel it off hairy arms.
I also need to remember to bring a sharpee marker XD
I'm crossing my fingers! I've just been told that there is a small chance someone very special to me will be able to somehow make it this weekend!
If they can't.. I will cry a lot :( But.. I'll have to get over it soon, or else I won't have as much fun at Ushi!
It's so exciting.. getting the chance to actually host a panel. I feel famous.. lol
My goals:
On Friday.. many people will learn things that will help them to be better costumers.
on Sat.... I hope everyone has tons of fun!!

Here are a few other things I need to remember!
This is the kind of stuff that's easily forgotten because of low priority:
Get all the checklists together, so no costumes are forgotten. VERY IMPORTANT!
Sort out costumes by day, so any "extra" loads can be dropped off with Goat
Make fliers for Panels
Make a door sign for the cosplay group
make cards to pass out? probably not
Bring LOTS of invitations to the wedding.. so I can catch all the people that will be there that need one.
Print out multiple maps- Waco to Ushi hotel. Waco to Airport. Ushi to Airport
Make 2 BIIIIG signs for little brother to carry around, so the people he'll have to pick up will know where to go.
Maybe I'll have him go and wait in his Otaru costume.. lol
Thankfully.. HE'S responsible. Already has his wig, and today I bought 2 more blond dead rats to sew onto the wig. With a little bit of hairspray, they'll look fantastic.
I have a feeling he's going to be a total chick-magnet at the con.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for news...

anxious anxious anxios!
It's still early, and I'm on my lunch break.. but I hope I hear somthing soon! XD I hope everything works out...
If it does.. I'll have a lot more work to do, but I don't mind!

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