January 24th, 2003



Anime! Lots of happy anime! M went out to a freind's shop to go hang out. I WAS going to go with him, despite the fact that I have a new GTO& Excel Saga to watch.. but then the FINAL volume of Hellsing came in! So I had to stay home and watch it XD
Like any good final volume of an anime, it made me cry no less than twice (and maybe more, but I'm not telling)... and laugh my ass off as well. Good solid ending on that series, IMO. They set it up in such a way that it's possible to have a second OAV, or a TV series.. but it's not nessesary. VERY good. I heard there was going to be another one, though.. which makes me happy. There are a few loose ends.. They were gathered up pretty well, but they COULD explain them a little bit more.
^..^ Ahhh. Happiness in hellsing. I love this series so much!
But the fun didn't stop there.
There were some new previews on this disk.
Pioneer is bringing over Chobbits& Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar!! Yay! (I laughed my ass off when they did the little dance, b/c I kept thinking of Ringo soving her flute up Greggo's butt XD

Anyways.. They're also bringing out Mahoromatic.. which looks pretty damn weird. I don't think I'll pick that one up XP

But.. today, I have the following aspirations:
~~Figure out somthing with the photographer. I called the number I got from Ringo. The photographer was actually wondering why I hadn't called back sooner XP Oops!
~~Make some progress on the bloodberry costume. I want to be able to check off somthing on my cosplay lab list today. That means I either have to somehow get the spiked attached to the gloves, or I have to make my earrings, or I have to attach the straps to the shoes. The shoes have me stumped, and I ran out of velcro, so I'll either cross off the gloves anyway, or make my earrings XD
~~Hem my cape. And if I get anymore work on it done... cut out& sew the hood. The hood has pleats, and pleats are still intimidating, so I may work a little bit on the hood, but set it down to work on other things.
~~Watch another anime DVD. Hey.. it's a priority! Plus.. I can get stuff done while watching it.... and read subtitles at the same time.. yeah.. I'm that talented :snerk:

And tomorrow is that bridal convention! I get to go taste what my cake will be like ^..^ Yay!
o..o I still need shoes, though....
And if things don't work with the photographer.. I'll still need a photographer...
I guess it's a good thing I'm going to that convention tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be able to find answers to all my problems then. HOpehopeohope. >..<

So.. you guys want pictures tonight? XD
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