January 23rd, 2003



The auction's over.. and miss Amy was the only one to give me any sort of feedback on it. T..T I didn't bid on the hat. Goodbye, hat! Let's hope you get relisted later if I change my mind......!

In other news... Spikes are finished. M suggested attaching them with large strips of velcro instead of super-gluing them onto the gloves.. which is a much happier answer. They should stay on if I make the velcro strips long enough, too. So, here's for hoping. Since Ringo's going to be busy so much this week, I'm not sure I'll be taking any pictures, though. M probably wouldn't feel comfortable helping me tape myself up and getting me in costume. The other option is trying to tape myself.... but I'd probably end up more crooked than I did last time! Ah well.. Even if I did get my earrings and shoes finished tonight, since I have to work until 7 I really won't be in the mood for such things anyway. Maybe tomorrow? Dunno... I'm out of velcro. I may try to get some tonight.. but even if I don't, I hope to get more work done.. mainly, my earrings.

And I need to kick Goat's butt.
Does last week Wendsday sound familiar to you? That was the day you were hoping to get that wood cut for me :P
You see my freinds, Integral has no means in which to trim these peices of wood for making Otaru shoes for little brother Ray. Goat graciously offered to help, but Goat hasn't really said anything about it... :P If the Goat was unable to get it cut, that's ok. All the Goat has to do is keep me up to speed.

Which brings me to the disaterous Otaru costume. I still need to make a pair of cuffs for the gloves. That's seriously no big deal. I just haven't done it yet.
Then... the fun part. If Goat is able to bring me cut wood, I can try to assemble the shoes in under a week. GGAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I don't even have material for it. I swear I said I would NOT fund this cursed costume anymore... but I plan on getting reimbursment from my brother if the shoes cost over 25 bucks to make >..< It all depends on the prices I get for vinyl, and what I'm able to find. If I do NOT get trimed wood back from Goat.. I have two choices:
do NOTHING about the shoes, and make little brother Ray buy some sandals that might pass off as non-lame at Wal-Mart
Make the shoes on the untrimmed base.. which may or may not make it difficult to walk in. I need about an inch and a half trimmed off the shoes, altogether. I THINK I could make it work w/o having them trimmed.. but the perfectionist in me would like to see them fit his feet a little better. Granted, after the shoes are made, it won't make any difference whatsoever on appearance.. but it could make a big difference in the comfort and maneuverablility of the shoes. Now I just have to figure out how Mako made hers.... >..< I have plastic canvas.. and a pair of cheap wal-mart flipflops to put on the bottom. The question is.. can I make it stick altogether?

Other concerns, worries, obsessions:

Still no music, still no Tuxes, still no photographer, still no time set for the rehearsal.
If I HAD any freakin' time to myself to work on things, I could try and get the photographer set. I need to call the number Ringo gave me. If she uses a 35mm, I have to give up on it and call Mrs. Gaylor back and see what type of camera she uses. Weddings are too damn expensive!
I hear in the hispanic families, each branch of the family and each family member sponsor a different aspect of the wedding. Sounds like fun XP I'm taking care of the dress and the flowers. Anyone want to take care of my photographer for me? g'aaahhhh

I wish Mako was here ;..; I'm seriously wondering how much stuff I can get done in a week. Bloodberry WILL be finished, or I will commit ritual seppuku. I WILL find a way to make it to both my panel, and the Austin airport at 1pm on Friday. I WILL make an ATTEMPT (Hey.. I didn't say it would be a good attempt) to finish the Otaru costume. At least my brother isn't a fucking lazy-ass bastard like a certain other Otaru... and got a frickin' wig in time!!!! Grr... that first Otaru STILL to this day pisses me off. He better not try and be freinds again after going AWOL for 6 months... just so he can go to Ushi and stay in the hotel for free. Bastard.
If Mako was here, she'd help me get things done in time.. T..T Even if she was wearing the Rebecca costume, she'd still be able to help and finish everything, b/c she's superwoman. (You just didn't know) I'm not dissing Ringo, b/c she's a dear freind, and hardworking also. Ringo just has a lot on her plate right now.. :( We're lost without our Mako!!! I don't think I'll have the Ky costume finished.....
I'm not going to bother with trying to finish it, b/c I don't think my little brother will have a suit or anything good to wear that will look accurate underneath the lab coat. IT's ok, though, b/c our poor Pengi won't be there either.. to be our Coo. That leave DiGiCharat for A-kon, I guess.

I really want to wear Bloodberry to the panel on Sat. I'm going to be very proud of that costume when it's finished. I hope it all holds together. I honestly don't think that I'll be able to put it all on in time for the panel, though.. not unless I wake up very early to start working on the liquid latex. I think that will take about an hour to an hour and a half. And... I have to have my chest taped BEFORE I mess with the liquid latex.. so I really can't do it on my own before everyone else wakes up.
The other option is wearing the Kogal kimono and hosting it much like we did our J-rock skit at A-kon last year. That wouldn't take too much time. But I still have the prep-time for that costume looming over my head. I thought it would be simple, but there is so much stuff that needs to be taken into consideration for that costume! Ahhhhh!

Did I mention I had to work today? Arrrghhh. So, I can't work on stuff until late. Bummer.

I REALLY need to do a full dress rehearsal of the Bloodberry costume before Ushi.. Or I'm going to find myself very surprised when everything goes wrong and takes way too long.
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