January 20th, 2003



Alavert is just gross. The concept of medication that dissolves in your mouth is interesting.. but Alavert is disgusting. I mean.. they flavored it, so it kinda tastes like spearmint or toothpaste or somthing. Your brain says it doesn't taste horrible, but your entire body recoils while it's dissolving >..< YUCK!

Blah.. have to go back to work now. Will do magazines..
An auditor came in and told me some things that would make my job easy. Yay!
Now I just have to get throuh the next 2 hours, and I can come back home. It's so nice out.. it's not cold like it's been, so I think I'll work on fiberglass. Yay!
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Fetid snot

The bondo is going well... but now it's getting kind of cold out T..T I was really hoping on getting all the sanding done tonight, so that I could paint it and have the gloves 100% finished. Now, I'm not sure. I don't want to throw a sweater on, b/c it'll get all full of bondo dust. In any case.. the fiberglass part is done. (I had that part finished for a while, but I had yet to sand it) The first layer of bondo is done and sanded. The spikes have been attached, and the next layer of bondo sealing the spikes down has been set. I'm waiting for it to dry right now. Sanding is going to be difficult, b/c they are such small peices.. but if worse comes to worst, I can always use a smaller dremel attachment to finish sanding it....(though it will be rather time-consuming that way)
Cross your fingers!

If all turns out well, I may be able to take some pictures of the finished gloves tonight. If I don't get them done by a reasonable hour though (another 6AM morning tomorrow) I may have to finish them tomorrow. Ringo says that the temperature is supposed to drop a little tomorrow, though T..T
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