January 14th, 2003



We lost our Hanagata to a mandatory school field trip. T..T

I guess today I'm working on wedding stuff. I don't really feel like working on costume stuff right now. Maybe later if the weather holds, I'll try to finish my knuckle dusters.
I swear I shouldn't come online at ALL until Ushi, so I don't get anymore bad news! >..<
Ah well.. at least I know NOW that everything is going to hell.. as opposed to being completely surprised when Ringo and I are the only Sabre J cosplayers at Ushi.

In any case- I can finish the cloak for my wedding dress today. IT's a pain in the ass to cut out all the peices.. let me tell you...
But I finally decided to give it up and buy my fabric yesterday. Jo Anne's sells velvet for 18.99 a yard. Ouch. I have a 50% off coupon. Score. Unfortunately, they haven't re-stocked their hunter green in months and months and months b/c they're out over at the warehouse or some such... So I went to Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby sells hunter green velvet for 11.99 a yard. Ouch? But... I wouldn't have saved a whole lot by waiting for Jo Anne's to re-stock... plus Hobby Lobby was a LOT cheaper, so I just bought it. All the velvet is cut out. I bought 7 yards.. but I think I probably could have made do with 6. In any case... I'll have a little bit extra.. and some of the scrap peices are big enough to finish off my Nehelenia dress. And by the end of today, I should have a gorgeous hunter green velvet opera cape, lined in matching gorgeous green satin. I just hope the hood doesn't give me TOO much trouble, b/c it looks... O..o pleated.
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